Why Right-Wing Conservatives Are Fighting Philanthropists Such As George Soros

According to conspiracy theorists who subscribe to the conservative political ideologies especially of the Republican Party, Mr. George Soros has been one busy man for having individually sponsored a number of civil rights movements agitating for positive social change both in the United States and in several countries all around the world. The most famous civil rights movements that the right wing conspiracy theorists accuse Mr. Soros of sponsoring include the Black Lives Matter movement, the Antifa movement, Colin Kaepernick’s National Football League protests, and the Women’s March. Mr. Soros has also been accused by the conservative conspiracy theorists to have bribed women to accuse the candidate of Alabama Senate seat Mr. Roy Moore of sexual assault. They also allege that Mr. Soros was behind the sacking of right wing members of staff who were working in the office of Herbert Raymond McMaster, the national security adviser to President Donald Trump.

Having said that, Mr. George Soros is not new to controversy as most of his adult life has been shrouded with one storm after the other beginning from the famous trade in which he raked in more than $1 billion by trading against sterling pound at the forex market way back in the early 90s. However, he began to ruffle the conservative’s feathers in the early 2000s when he became one of the topmost bankrollers of the Democratic Party of the United States. He supported the party with a lot of zeal to a point he was even quoted at some point to have said that he would give up all his fortune if that is what it will take to have the former United States President Mr. George Walker Bush not to be re-elected. In spite of this declaration, Mr. Soros went on to spend just $27 million which was a huge amount by any standards at the time and in the process picking up several accolades from the liberals side while at the same time creating an army of adversaries from the right wing of the political divide.

It has now come to the fore that their main problem is not actually with Mr. George Soros himself but his works of philanthropy given that Mr. Soros has been one of the most generous financial contributors to noble causes and also to organizations fighting for democracy and democratic principles such as respect for human rights, freedom of speech, and even accountability in governance not only in the United States but also in several countries and jurisdictions all around the world. To make matters even worse for the conservatives was when reports came that Mr. George Soros had made one of the biggest donations ever made by an individual to a charity organization amounting to more than $18 billion making Open Society Foundations one of the largest charity organizations in the world coming just a spot behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As expected the news was not well received by conservative hardliners leading to one of their online publications calling the Open Society Foundations the “Death Star.”

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