Whitney Wolfe Herd Makes Milestone

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the most talked about CEO under the age of 30. She has managed to make herself a fortune through her dating app, but she wants to do so much more than that. While Bumble has taken off as one of the most successful dating apps and looks poised to take over the market, it isn’t all that she plans on doing. She wants to try social media and business as well. Turning Bumble into a platform where women have the ability to initiate all contact between the genders is what will change the dynamics.

Whitney Wolfe has proven herself as a businesswoman by using her aspirations to empower women as part of her business model. You can look at just about anything done by Bumble and see that her goal is to put women into the initiating position. That gives women lots of power but it also means a new way of doing business. Instead of having men make the first move in encounters women must take that step. It’s certainly proven to be incredibly profitable for Wolfe with the number of users going up constantly, but there’s so much more to the story than that.

The most important thing to understand about Bumble is that it is certainly going to go beyond giving people a way to meet a future date. You can also use Bumble to help you find new friends or find business connections. That sort of future is what will separate this app from others in the dating world. It completes what you want from social media in general. Wolfe understands that as people get older they’ll naturally want an app that gives them what they’re looking for. There’s no better way to do this than what she has prepared for the users.

As you go through life you develop entirely new ways of thinking about the world and what you want out of it. The younger demographics certainly want to form relationships, but they will want more as they grow older. That’s exactly what Wolfe is giving them with Bumble. She hasn’t turned 30 yet but she knows she wants more than what she currently has going on. She wants an app that will grow with her and allow her to create an entirely new platform. We can’t always be certain of the future, but Bumble will be around for a long time to come.

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