Things To Know About George Soros Philanthropy

George Soros’ place of birth is in Hungary. He left his country and enrolled to London School of Economics. He sustained his stay at school by working as a luggage carrier at the railway station and a part time nightclub waiter. Soros has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and masters in Philosophy.

George Soros has become one of the top most philanthropists in the world. Soros has given out a vast amount billions of money to help fund Open Society Foundations. Soros is the founder of University in Budapest known as Central European. He also funds the institute. The University majors in social sciences. In his reign, the Open Society Foundations is known to give individuals and organizational support worldwide. It helps them fifth for their freedom, an accountable government and justice and equality amongst them. The foundation also offers school fee to students who get discriminated due to their race or their place of residence.

Soros moved to the United States in 1956.He ventured into finance and investment and emerged as one of the most successful businessman in United States. Soros amassed enough money and launched the Open Society Foundations. It is a network that has built foundations, partnership, and lucrative plans in more than a hundred countries. Soros adopted Karl Popper’s ideology that society can only flourish when a democratic government exists. Its existence assures respect,and freedom of expression for people’s rights. The approach has taken root in the Open Society Foundation.

Soros charitable acts began in 1979.He gave the scholarship to South African Students who were under the apartheid rule. Soros promoted the interaction of ideas in Communist Hungary. He did this by paying for academic travels to the west. His act of philanthropy is beyond what his foundations earn. His support to even independent organizations cannot be left unnoticed. In his old age, Soros still has an interest in Open Society Foundations works. He travels to ensure their is positive policy changes among private and public leaders. Soros legacy remains to be committed to solved the most untraceable problems.

Soros philanthropy does not leave out the politicians. Soros is known for his support to the American progressive. He is also philanthropist supporters of American Liberal politics. Soros has dedicated much of his fortune to funding politicians such as Hillary Clinton. The dispensing of his fortune to Democrats has made him emerge the biggest donor. Soros invests heavily in Soros Fund Management. It is a family office that brags $26 billion in assets.

Soros breakthrough in the American stock markets has given him huge independence. He can move around a world that is open, just and that which offers equality to all.

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