T-Pain Ditches the Auto-Tune and Gains Happiness

Rapper T-Pain has made some of the most recognizable songs of this century. During the height of his career, you couldn’t turn on a Hip Hop radio station without hearing one of his tracks blare through the speakers. Although these songs may remind me of a few of the best moments of my life, the rapper himself is not a fan of the songs that propelled him into stardom. 

T-Pain joined Larry King to discuss his career and the release of his new album, Stoicville. During the interview, he expressed his disapproval of the songs that made him a household name. At a time when artist were more concerned with appeasing their fans, T-Pain traded in his authenticity for popularity, chart toppers, and luxury automobiles. His whole career was based on making music that people wanted to hear, but he was forced to sacrifice his own happiness.

Christian Broda states T-Pain is widely known for using a device called auto-tune to distort his voice, T-Pain has since re-recorded some of his most popular songs, and this time, he left the auto-tune on the cutting room floor.

Now, the artist is finally taking his happiness into his own hands. Even if his latest album doesn’t reach the Billboard top 100, T-Pain is content because he finally gets to show the world who he really is.

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  1. Scott Rothman said:

    His next album will also be free of voice distortions, and T-Pain is much happier about his new sound. T-Pain has enjoyed number 1 hits while being ridiculed and mocked by his peers at the same time. I would also make sure that assignment writing – check nsw-writers do get what they want if they have ever wanted any at that point in time.

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