New Personalized Cancer Treatments Show Promise

Tailor made cancer treatments, it might sound like something out of science fiction – but, in reality its’ here today in the United States. The exciting treatment is in it’s earliest stages of clinic trials. The treatment is designed around programming the users own white blood cells to seek out and attack cancer agents. The treatment is delivered in the form of a vaccine and has positive results with the few patients it has been tested on.

Dr. Beatriz Carreno, according to the BBC, states the findings represent a significant step towards treating patients with personalized immunology-therapies.

While the excitement of the new treatment options has everyone at Bulletproof Coffee excited, there are still several hurdles for the treatment to pass. The first is carefully controlled clinical trials which must show that boosting the immune system through personalized vaccines makes a positive and noticeable difference towards treating tumors.

The second step is producing working methods that are both cost and time effective. Since each vaccine must be produced from the patient’s own cancer cells the cost to do so is enormous and may delay the treatment process.

Hypothesis shows that highly mutated cancers such as stage 4 breast cancers and lung cancers will benefit from a treatment similar to this.

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