Mullen Lowe Agency; an influential advertising company

In 2015, the Borghi Lowe agency was rebranded to Mullen Lowe Brasil. The rebranding was done in response to the global announcement to reunite the US agency Mullen, the partners’ network and global Lowe and create the Mullen Lowe Group.

There are plans underway to transfer the all the operations of the groups and Brazil will be the hub of the network.

In addition to the rebranding, there was also a change in management. The CEO of the company is Jose Borghi while the co-CEO will be the Andre Gomez. Gomez is the vice president of the Rio DE Janeiro branch. His promotion will have him take responsibility for managing the operations of the agency. Jose, on the other hand, will be in charge of innovation and creativity of the agency.

The company also decided to close the office in Brasilia and focus all their attention on the Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo offices.

The company has integrated marketing communications with a strong entrepreneurial culture which has propelled their success.

The network has different agencies that include;

v MullenLowe

v MullenLowe Open; which is a behavior related agency. They have systems in place that promote digital marketing

v MullenLowe Profero; it is a full-service agency that provides integrated digital marketing. They operate in over 15 offices with 600 employees

v MullenLowe Mediahub; this is a responsive media shop which offers full service. The agency is headquartered in Boston.

About Jose

From a young age, Jose knew what he wanted to be, and that is why he did courses that were related to advertising. He worked in different agencies that gave him experience in the sector. He ended up starting his own company the BorghiErh which was later acquired by Lowe and later became the Borghi Lowe.



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