Kendrick Lamar Likes His Dance Moves

Kendrick Lamar created a video for the song entitled “I,” and the dance moves that he displayed in the video were epic. Many people who watched the video, tried to imitate the dance moves, and even asked how they could do the moves themselves. Kendrick’s Dancing. Some were even trying to get training on how to do the dance moves, so a tutorial was put out for those who were serious about learning the moves. Kendrick also let it be known that the moves were cultural, as well as something that he did in a freestyle. He said that the moves were not rehearsed at all, he just felt good at the time, and made something up as he went along. Whether the moves were rehearsed or not, they have become a signature to his name, and helped to propel his popularity as well.

Kendrick comes from LA, and he claims that many of the dance moves are rooted in the area that he comes from, as well as his culture. Sam Tabar can certainly see that. He has even talked about something similar on SamTabar. He also shares that he likes to dance like no one else is around, and he really doesn’t care what people think about his dancing.

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  1. Kenley Guillermo said:

    For those who don’t know about the dance moves he did in the video, you can view the video online. Kendrick was interviewed, and he said the moves he did in the video, is something he does all the time. That may mean things in which has been able to render to them for a very long time.

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