Jason Hope is an Entrepreneurial Genius and Tech Expert

Jason Hope is a businessman from Arizona. He is an ex-scholar of the Arizona State University as well as the ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Mr. Hope has a vested interest in technology, particularly Internet of Things (IoT).

Mr. Jason Hope’s professional career

Mr. Hope’s expertize ranges from SaaS, business development, start-ups, and strategy. He has contributed significantly to mobile technology. Mr. Hope is knowledgeable in interpreting tech matters as well as predicting its future. He is actively involved in writing and analyzing the latest business trends. Mr. Hope has published numerous articles about Internet of Things and its role. According to Mr. Hope, Internet of Things is one of the major milestones in technology world.

Based on Mr. Hope’s reviews, this wave of technology provides an avenue for synchronization of different devices, such as cars, street lights, electronic devices, and kitchen appliances. Mr. Hope views Internet of Things as a way to minimize waste while increasing efficiencies. He encourages business people to invest in this smart technology since it is the future of business. Mr. Hope currently works in mobile technology and helps design various software and apps. He is also involved in politics particularly those that affect business.

Mr. Jason Hope’s role in philanthropy

He is also a renowned philanthropist that supports biotechnology research. Mr. Hope believes that humanity needs to live longer. This is the main reason why he funds research conducted at the SENS Research Foundation, an organization that promotes rejuvenation science. Mr. Hope believes that people need to live longer to explore advancements that life has to offer. For this reason, he donates to SENS Foundation, which tries to find cures to treat diseases that accelerate aging. This organization employs regenerative medicine to repair damaged and worn out tissues that are prone to medical conditions, such as arthritis. This organization is also at the forefront of fighting Alzheimer’s disease, which develops as a person ages. Aside from research, he also funds the SENS Foundation seminars and conferences, which are held annually to address issues of rejuvenation biotechnology. Mr. Hope also volunteers at other charity organization across the country.

About Jason Hope: www.sens.org/outreach/press-releases/jason-hope-pledges-500000

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