Fabletics, Comfort Meets Happy and Healthy

If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, check out Fabletics. Even if you’ve given up on the resolution already, check out Fabletics anyway! If you’re unfamiliar, the line is often touted by actor Kate Hudson, who plays a huge role in the business. She not only designs the athleisure line but also plays a major role in the day to day operations. She and the owners have taken Fabletics from just a concept to rivaling even Amazon, the largest apparel and fashion retailer on the internet. Music icon Demi Lovato took such a liking to Fabletics, she’s now designed her own line of athleisure. If you’re unfamiliar with what athleisure is, no problem. It’s the merging of athletic wear and leisure wear, but with an extra dash of fashion.


Fabletics is sold primarily online through a monthly subscription. In a nutshell, customers take a lifestyle quiz, which matches them up with the best look for them. They’re sent as much as they like each month, and can either keep the items, or exchange or return them. The beauty of Fabletics is that they also have retail locations across the US. Should you wish to handle anything in the store, you can simply pop in and handle any concerns. You can also preview items, and purchase top sellers and select items picked for your location. This is also a great idea for customers who love the idea of Fabletics but want to check it out in person first. The great news is that most people fall in love and end up becoming members prior to leaving the store.


For those wanting to get the best in fashion, that’s comfortable, stylish, and doesn’t compromise on quality, check out Fabletics. The entire line can be previewed online at https://www.fabletics.com. The lifestyle quiz is great for nearly anyone, but especially those who want some great ideas, or are just unsure as to where they fall in the athleisure spectrum. To access the lifestyle quiz, visit https://www.fabletics.com/get-started. As previously mentioned, the site has something for nearly everyone, including a great shoe and accessory selection. Get started on the road to being healthy and happy, or at least comfortable with Fabletics.

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