Drew Madden: the passionate healthcare IT Entrepreneur.

Drew Madden: the passionate healthcare IT Entrepreneur.

Drew Madden decided to apply the Knowledge gained from his BSE in Industrial engineering from the University of Iowa in healthcare. His degree focused on Medical systems, and since then he has dedicated his energy and resources to achieve better healthcare systems that are more efficient.

Madden Stated his career in Healthcare line at Cerner Corporation in 2002 where he worked for four years implementing inpatient applications. In 2006, he joined Healthier Consulting where he worked as a senior epic consultant dealing with implementation of epic inpatient applications in many hospital systems in the Midwest. It is during this time that Madden obtained certification in Willow. In 2009, he served as the regional sales director at Ingenix Consulting. In 2010 Madden became the executive vice president at Nordic Consulting Partners. In 2011 he became the president of the same organization where he was responsible for recruitments, business developments, and consulting operations. Currently, he works as the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners which is located in Madison Wisconsin area.

Drew Madden aims at building strong teams with a unique company culture that will build trust with the clients. According to Drew, he is passionate about electronic medical records. He has spent over ten years working with the best minds in the industry in implementing, optimization, troubleshooting and tackling the most difficult challenges that are associated with an EMR project.

During his time at Nordic Consulting, the company grew from 10 to 725 employees. The client partnerships also rose from 3 to 150. The firm also recorded a significant increase in annual revenue. Initially, the company was making $1 million per year, but with Drew, it started making $130 million annually.

At Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew and his colleagues aim at providing industry-leading Healthcare IT knowledge to their partners across the country. According to Madden, the core focus of his new venture evergreen will be healthcare records, but with time, the company aims at providing healthcare institutions with broader technology

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