Donations to Charity Hit Record Level in 2014

There are several different ways to measure the effectiveness of the economy of the United States. With a series of complicated equations at the disposal of people that have achieved some serious education, one real defining factor that presents and interesting take is charity. After all, when citizens have additional income, they tend to give it away to those in need to help out. It turns out that last year Americans were more generous than ever.

According to CNN, Americans gave away close to $360 billion in 2014, which surpassed the previous record of $355 billion in 2007. The report also notes that particular year was right before the country sank into recession. Still, tempering the good news with a tinge of bad is always an aspect that everyone has to live with. The generosity of households across the country knows no limit when it comes to helping those in need, which is a great concept.

In the end, people helping people is a positive idea, and when charitable donations amount to an incredible sum just about everyone is a winner. Those at Amen Clinics were more than pleased with it all. The idea of the economy doing well because individuals, foundations, and corporations are making efforts to spread around some cash is a nice measure of just what direction everything is moving in. In short, if nobody had disposable income, nobody would give anything. The fact that giving hit a record level supports a number of positive conclusions.

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