Class Dojo Is Working To Create Stronger School Communities Through Better Communication

The world is continuously changing from generation to generation, with more things happening today than ever before. There are all kinds of things happening from good to bad on a daily basis, both fun and distracting. Unfortunately for the world of schooling, this is also problematic in many ways. There has been a decline in the schooling environment over the past few decades, with fewer parents becoming involved in their child’s schooling and more students feeling displeased with their schooling experience. While many parents are busy and have things to take care of on a daily basis, it becomes difficult for them to stay in touch with their child’s schooling. This is why Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started up Class Dojo, an educational app that is working to build on the level of communication between students and parents.

Unlike the majority of other platforms out there for education, Class Dojo is not working to become wealthy and has released their platform completely free to use for people of all ages. Also, Class Dojo’s app is the only one on the market that focuses on communication and bringing students, parents, and teachers together to bolster a more positive schooling experience. More than just improving the behavior of students, Parents are able to be a part of their learning and keep track of their progress alongside their child. Students and teachers are able to use the storyboard and interface of CLass DOjo to share stories and videos with each other to further build their relationships.

Since first launching back in 2011, Class Dojo has seen an impressive amount of support and growth. Their mission to improve education for students worldwide is ongoing, and they continue to update and improve on the existing features for their program. Today, Class Dojo has made its way into more than half of the schools in the country. No longer will parents be excluded from their child’s learning as they can stay in direct contact with teachers right through the app throughout the day. In this manner, parents are also able to see upcoming events and prepare ahead of time to get involved and take part in the join of learning.

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