Kim Dao Korean Blogger with a Message

Kim Dao is a young Korean woman with all the necessary social media connections to propel herself as a self-appointed fashion and style guru. She has a blog that features her name, Kim Dao, and on her blog, she shamelessly supports Korean makeup and cosmetics lines. Kim Dao is typical of the new breed of socially active young women who display products and ideas on their individual blogs. Kim Dao has the needed ingredients of a successful blogger. She is young and attractive and prepares herself for each addition on the Kim Dao blog as if she is going to an interview or a grand opening. She speaks fluent English from her home base in Australia and gives general advice to young women around the globe. She is an attractive package somewhere between cute and beautiful, but she has no serious physical deterrents to prevent her from being a successful blogger or TV personality. Kim Dao has all that a media personality could want, and she recently married which should open up a new area for her blogging advice.

The American society is going through a period where celebrity is worshiped and those only having a great deal of money become idols of the masses. Ask a young person if they would rather be famous or rich and be prepared to have your worldview altered.

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