Matt Landis named ACC lacrosse defensive player of the year

matt landis black tank top

The increasing number of players of lacrosse from across North America and the world are looking towards the latest generation of stars who are performing at college level for leadership and have a new star in the form of Matt Landis. The Notre Dame player has taken on a leadership role within the Notre Dame lacrosse team and particularly in the heart of the teams defense. As a whole the team has been stingy in defense over the 11 games played so far in the 2015 season giving up just 9.10 points per game as they finished the regular season with a 4-0 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference and a 9-2 record overall, PR Newswire reports.

Landis is currently studying at Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business and has taken on the ethos of the college in achieving as much as possible as a student athlete to give himself the best chance of success on and off the field. The defensive standout picked up 22 ground balls during the season as he led the team to the number two spot in the nation and a number one ranking in the ACC.

The recognition Landis has received has not been limited to the conference Notre Dame play in, but has also come at national level with his nomination for the annual Tewaaraton Award. This award is given each year to the top lacrosse player in the nation and has this season seen three player from The Fighting Irish men’s team. Landis has been ever present this year after becoming a regular starter for Notre Dame in his sophomore year at the college.

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Younger Only Gets Better

Last week, TV Land announced it was giving its freshman half-hour series about a 40 year old woman who pretends to be twenty-six, Younger, a second season to the joy of fans from every age group.

In the Tuesday episode titled Shedonism, Diana, who Liza works for as an assistant, tested her by making her the host of a book launch party for her 40-year-old friend and client Annabelle Bancroft, a woman who has never grown up. Liza’s ex-husband, David, asked her to take ownership of his boat because he was going to lose it to his gambling addiction. Liza’s boyfriend Josh pushed her into a CrossFit exercise membership that can be dangerous for people forty and older. And, Anton and Kelsey continued their affair, while Maggie took home her very pregnant crush. I watch the show with my girlfriend says Ray Lane, and I can’t seem to get into the drama.

The episode did a great job of revealing the similarities and differences between twentysomethings and fortysomethings; as well as singles and their married counterparts.

Liza refused David’s request. While drunk, Annabelle revealed she knew Liza’s age because her hands were a “dead giveaway.” Diana nearly caught Anton and Kelsey. Josh expressed his confusion about why Annabelle, or anyone her age, would pretend to be younger. Lastly, when Liza tried to warn Kelsey about her choices, Kelsey pulled the “you’re not my mother” card and Liza decided to spend some mother-daughter time with her actual daughter over Skype.