Chinese Billionaire Takes 6,400 Employees to Paris

57-year-old Li Jinyuan is listed as a billionaire on Forbes rich list, and founded the Tiens Group company in 1995. Surprisingly, he took over half of his 12,000 employees on an all-expenses paid trip to Paris.
To do this, he booked up 4,760 rooms in 79 hotels and arranged for 147 buses to get everyone around Paris. Paris is now approximately 33 million Euros richer because of the trip that Li Jinyuan and his staff took.
The crowd of employees ended their four day trip with a bang, by creating a record-breaking human chain in the Cote D’Azur. Guinness World Record officials were even present to validate the record.
France is the world’s most visited country, receiving an increase of tourists from China. Mark Ahn ( has learned that nearly 85 million foreigners in total visit France every year, which keeps the tourist industry going. The tourist industry of France delivers 7% of the country’s GDP.

Trans Asia Plane Crash

The World was shocked late last year when Malaysian flight 370 suddenly appeared to have vanished off the globe. There were immense amounts of media coverage, with nations from all over the world attempting to track it down. They were trying to find the beep that the plane would generate, even if it had crashed, so they could locate it and there was a lot of speculation that the plane was likely somewhere off the coast of Western Australia. For over a month people searched and nothing was found and it still is an unsolved case, truly baffling people from across the entire globe. There is news today that yet another Asian flight has gone down, but this time it was in clear view and there were not nearly as many people on board, fortunately. The Taiwan Trans Asia flight appeared to have clipped a bridge and went down in a river, killing at least twenty-five of the mostly Chinese passengers. as Lee Slaughter has learned, so far there are at least fifteen people that are unaccounted for, but eighteen people have managed to survive the crash and are in various stages of recovery at local hospitals. The rate that planes have been crashing as of recent has truly been becoming very alarming. Ironically, another Asian aircraft crashed at San Francisco International Airport in 2013, and probably would have been way worse if the pilot had not made a miraculous attempt at landing the aircraft.