How Julie Zuckerberg embodies our ideals of unprecedented success, professional growth, and personal achievements.

Renowned talent acquisition expert named, Julie Zuckerberg, started her professional career at Hudson, working as Director of Candidate Placement from November 2002 to October 2017. While working at this position, she led the team that was responsible for recruiting attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and other individuals for the support staff for various other firms on both a permanent and temporary contractual basis as well. Her vast clientele base also included renowned law firms, various financial institutions, and several other huge corporations. In addition to all that, she also served as an aid when it came to resolving workplace conflicts, as she acted as the middle person between the clients and employees, which also ensured compliance with the Employment Act.


In the year 2007, Julie began working at Citi Global Functions and continued working here as executive recruiter till 2011. She managed a complete plan for the recruitment of senior level staff in departments like auditing and compliance, as well as various other legal fields. In addition to this, she brought in several other recruitment methods, which included the use of social media, innovative methods of employee referral, Internet searching, and direct sourcing. While working at her position, she also offered to recruit services for the positions of director and managing director for CitiCards, and also for another consumer marketing firm, Citi Global. In addition to this, she carried out negotiations and led the materialization of several job offers, which involved equity buyouts, awards immigrations, and clawbacks.


Prior to starting work at Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg worked with the consumer bank, Citi Global, and joined the insurance company, New York Life, as an executive recruiter. She joined the bank back in 2015, and since then has quickly progressed to secure the post of Manager of Executive Talent Acquisition. She works in collaboration with business leaders from a variety of private wealth and commercial clients, asset management, global technology, and operations, and consistently works to garner global talent acquisition strategies to improve the process.


Zuckerberg also supervises director offer negotiations, which include important corporate stakeholders, and also looks over other developmental work. She strategically directs and trains various teams of professional recruiters, and is also recognized for her efficient leadership in governance and the attractive practices that she employs in the recruitment processes. Furthermore, Zuckerberg has a wide range of talents and skills, which have played critical roles in her career and have ensured her continuous success. Her vast range of skills expands to include executive search, talent acquisition, talent management, executive staffing, sourcing, behavioral interviewing, and conflict resolutions. She is also an expert in coaching management and corporate recruitment.


During her free time, Julie Zuckerberg actively volunteers for several charitable causes. In addition to being a stark proponent of women empowerment, and working hard for this cause, she organizes counseling programs and trains employees. Apart from that, her other interests pertain to economic empowerment, civil rights, animal welfare, and culture and arts, and these are all causes that she has not only stood for but has also made efforts to develop.

The Success of Diversification As Evidenced by This San Fransisco Lawyer

I have always been interested in reading about female entrepreneurs and business leaders in America. Ever since a stream of intelligent women left their kitchens and joined the workforce during World War II, American women have remained a strong force in the economy. Unfortunately, studies show that they are often paid less than their male peers and that they have to work harder to get recognition and promotions that they truly deserve which is an injustice that Helane Morrison and her colleagues are fighting to right at Hall Capital.

It is refreshing to read articles like this one that I found on The article highlighted Hall Capital, which is a San Francisco-based investment firm that was established in 1994. Currently, the firm manages at least $24 billion in client assets. Some of their stellar clients include the late founder of Hellman &Friedman as the CEO of Gap, John Fisher, says the article. Out of all the financial managing firms in the Bay Area, Hall Capital is considered the largest.

One of the main reasons discussed in the article for the firm’s success is its diversity, says CEO Kathryn Hall. Hall Capital prides itself in having a wide representation of race, gender, backgrounds and education. The firm is also unique because it has three female executives: Kathryn Hall (CEO), Sarah Stein (President) and former San Fransisco division SEC administrator Helane Morrison (managing director/general counsel/CCO), says the article. A Hall employee noted in the article that seeing several women in the firm’s leadership made her want to join the company. These are some of the benefits of Hall Capital’s diversification, says the article.

The article discussed how the three head executives at Hall Capital feel about their employees and individuality. I like the fact that they offer their employees an excellent benefit package that allows for family and personal time. According to Hall, employees are more productive if they are happy and fulfilled in their personal lives. Currently, the firm is concentrating on foundations and endowments and is expecting an increase in their management capital, says the article.

The newest of the executive trio is Morrison, who was hired by the firm in 2007. She attended Northwestern University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in journalism. She received her law degree from the University of California at Berkley. Morrison worked in several capacities for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco until she left to join Hall Capital. Before that, she worked in a private law firm and focused on security and investment matters.

Check out Helane’s full resume by connecting with her on LinkedIn or check out her Crunchbase for the latest news about her work.