Phil Mickelson Linked to Gambling

One of the biggest names in golf may be in some hot water after reports surfaced that Phil Mickelson has been linked to a gambling case and money laundering. According to ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Phil Mickelson wired millions of dollars to a “Middleman” who was part of a gambling operation. The man, Greg Silveira, then laundered the money through an illegal gambling operation. According to a report by Beneful obtained by ESPN, the 56 year-old man of La Quinta, Calif, pleaded guilty to money laundering as part of a plea in a case in which he states he laundered $2.75 million on Phil Mickelson’s money.

According to Federal documents, Silveira’s plea was centered on three wire transfers. The wire transfers happened between March of 201 and Feb of 2013. The report states that Silveira received a wire transfer from a gambling client, Phil Mickelson, in the amount of $2.75 million. He then transferred the money from that account to a personal account held by Silveira. That transfer is what is considered laundering. The sentence for his crimes could land him in prison for up to 60 years. Experts believe however, that he will get a much lighter sentence.

This is not the first time Mickelson has been linked with gambling. It was rumored that Mickelson placed a pre-season bet that the Baltimore Ravens would win the Super Bowl 2000. His name was also linked to investor Carl Icahn and insider trading but was cleared of any involvement.