Wine Glass Buying Guide

To enjoy the delicious wines that are manufactured at Antique Wine Company, you must serve them in the proper wine glasses. You can also enhance the flavor of the wines by handling them correctly after they are poured.

Twenty Ounce Glasses

Glasses that have big bowls are ideal for white or red wines. These glasses have enough room so that the wine can breathe. Also, since the bowl is spacious, the beverage can be swished and swirled quite easily.

Wine Glass Style and Weight

Wine glasses should be clear because the color of wine enhances the décor on a dinner table. The weight of the glass is also important because it can affect the dinner experience. Never purchase stemware that is made with thick glass. After wine is poured into a hefty glass, the glass will become very heavy. Thin stemware is a much better option.

Stem Length

Wine glasses that have long stems are often used at restaurants because they are stylish and fun. Antique Wine Company wines should be served in these kinds of glasses as well. The long stems will help guests hold their glasses comfortably during long meals.


Antique Wine Company products can be enjoyed in reasonably priced stemware. If you plan to drink the wines every day, you should use glasses that cost less than $15. You should never use expensive wine glasses during traditional dinners because you may break them.

Wine Glass Cleaning Advice

Wines that are manufactured by Antique Wine Company must be shared. However, you will not impress your guests if you serve the wines in dingy glasses. Because wine glasses are porous, they can easily absorb odors. To make the wine shine in the wine glasses, always clean the bowls after every dinner party by hand in warm soapy water. Once the glasses are clean and dry, polish them to remove any water spots.