WHO Sets Up $100 Million Dollar Fund To Fight Ebola

Margaret Chan, the Executive Director of he World Health Organization, announced that an emergency fund of over $100 Million dollars is being set up to address the Ebola outbreak that has ravaged West Africa. Officials believe that at least 11,000 people have died from the disease in various West African countries and the outbreak has tested the ability of the WHO to address a viral disease that is extremely contagious and caused a number of countries to close its borders. Many believe that the actual death toll is much higher and deaths in more rural and remote areas in West Africa went widely unreported.

The WHO was widely criticized for its slow response to the initial outbreak. Many saw that the WHO structure and design was not prepared to respond to the outbreak and the organization was slow in sounding the alarm for global countries to take greater steps the insure that the outbreak was contained before it became a global pandemic. The amount of resources needed to deal with just one patent is staggering as was seen when only a few patients were infected in the United States resulting in the shut down of businesses and schools. Madison Street Capital has been assured that the emergency fund will be used to monitor the current number of ebola patients and to determine if the another outbreak is possible and what steps should be taken to curb that threat. WHO Sets Up $100 Million Dollar Fund To Fight Ebola