Weekly Customer Of Dunkin’ Donuts Robbed The Store

In Florida, a man was arrested and charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. He robbed the Dunkin’ Donuts, where he was a regular customer, and forced an employee into the back room threatening that he would shoot her. Using apellet gun , Patrick Jackson demanded $3,000 from the safe kept in the back and then fled the store.

Although Jackson had a mask covering his face, he was still recognizable by employees. He had distinctive hair style, skin tone, eyes and mannerisms they remembered from his daily visits. He not only robbed the establishment where he frequented, Jackson drove by later as police were interviewing employees at the scene and employees were then able to point him out. When he was pulled over, police say he had the rolls of coins, money bags and lots of empty Dunkin’ Donuts bags in his back seat.

After his arrest, Jackson was taken to the police station where he resisted being placed in a cell. Struggling with officers he was able to grab a stun gun, and threatened the officer he would kill him. When the stun gun misfired, he grabbed another officer, demanding the cell door be opened, struggle resumed they refused him. It took several officers to subdue Jackson when he threatened to bite the officer he was holding.(Jackson had declared being HIV positive)

Paul Mathieson (Otcmarkets.com) has heard that he is now being held in jail without bond charged with; robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, resisting arrest with violence and escape and others.

The US Navy Swims With The Sharks

It’s not quite as cool as a shark laser, but they’re getting there. The U.S. Navy has launched a new prototype aquatic unit – a swimming drone shaped like a shark. If you thought Jaws was scary before, you’ll have a whole new reason to stay out of the water.

Along with this news comes the revelation that previously, the U.S. Navy had trained bottlenose dolphins and sea lions to aide in aquatic missions. No, really, the Marine Mammal Program employs trained dolphins in underwater recovery missions already, perhaps inspired by the 1964 film The Incredible Mr. Limpet. The US miltary has also experiemtned with other robotic land-dwelling robots, including ones mimicking a cheetah, a lizard, and a bird.

The robot unit is named “Ghost Swimmer,” in a move that shows they’re aware of just how ridiculously cool this idea is. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez is anxious to see it all develop, and he will follow a bit on Terra.com. It propels itself through the water just like a fish, by moving its tail. The drone will be able to retrieve underwater mines and equipment, as well as perform “low visibility intelligence” missions, as they put it. In other words, it’s a spy-shark. A robotic spy shark. Not even Q from the James Bond franchise could have dreamed that one up.

Baby Boy Born On Southwest Flight from San Francisco to Phoenix

A southwest flight, destined for Phoenix Tuesday morning was anything but ordinary. Shortly after the flight took off from San Francisco, a woman went into labor. The plane was diverted to Los Angeles for a medical emergency, but the baby couldn’t wait any longer. The bouncing baby boy was born in the air. 

According to fellow passengers, the woman was pacing in the airport before boarding the flight. They believe she may have been having contractions prior to boarding. Shortly after the flight took off, a call for a doctor came over the intercom. A doctor and a nurse, both passengers, helped to deliver the baby boy. Flight crew also helped. 

The plane landed in Los Angeles and paramedics took the new mother and her son to a local area hospital. Both are said to be in good physical condition. The baby was breathing, responsive and crying upon his arrival, according to nearby passengers. 

Igor Cornelsen reports that after the mother and son were removed from the plane, the rest of the passengers were ushered off, as well.

The name of the mother and her new son were not immediately released.

Lebron James Touched the Duchess

The royal couple has been all over NYC during their 48 hour trip to America, and everyone seems to have royal fever. During their night out at the Nets game the William and Kate seemed very relaxed and friendly meeting and greeting everyone as they sat and enjoyed the game. The couple even had a very much talked about meeting with New York’s royal couple Jay-Z and Beyonce during the game. 

One very awkward moment of the evening however is what has the media tabloids in the UK going crazy. According to Darius Fisher during the couples photo with NBA star Lebron James,  Lebron made the horrible mistake of putting his arm around the duchess for a photo and as protocol would have it touching the royals is not allowed. 

Duchess Kate and William didn’t make a big deal out of the mistake but the media in the UK is having a ball with it of course, however it seems that the royal couple is getting used to American’s touchy greetings because even William was photographed touching the arm of ex Nets player Dikembe Mutombo as they sat court side during the game sharing a laugh. 

Plane Crew Member Sent Off Flight

Crew members are drilled to maintain their composure, no matter what the situation may be at hand.

A rather strange incident took place on an Air Korea flight departing from JFK New York. The chief purser was removed from the flight for serving some nuts which were unasked for in a pack instead of a bowl. 

Wouldn’t have been a problem if it happened to another person, but the served passenger happened to be CEO’s daughter, Cho Hyun-ah, 40-years old. She insisted that the plain returned to the airport after a successful take-off only to leave there a chief purser who happened to be mistaken. 

The excuses and explanation did not save the poor crew member. The whole story brought a delay which was totally unmotivated and the media and society are now backlashing Cho, saying that she ‘put the nation to shame’ and only used her status to show a supercilious attitude. 

The CEO daughter was told to publicly apologise for the discomfort created to the crew member and the other passengers.

No intention of saying ‘sorry’ has been yet stated from her side, but the airline statement notes that the final decision to remove the chief purser was taken by the captain. I’m not an economist like Christian Broda, but a move like this could land Air Korea into a PR nightmare, which could impact their stock.