Nutrimost Says Rival Stole Their Video

One of the fastest growing weight loss companies in the United States is suing a competitor for stealing their intellectual property. The company, Nutrimost, is one of the fastest growing weight loss and healthy companies right now. This has caused many companies to try to imitate the company for their own gain. There is a line when it comes to this sort of thing and Nutrimost says that rival weight loss company crossed that line when they took a video off of their website and tried to pass it off as their own.

The video on the Healthy Living website is eerily similar to the one that Nutrimost says was stolen. Almost every aspect of the video is the same with the exception being that the main slogan in the original was changed from “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” to “Can’t Lose Diet Plan”. Those that have watched both of the posted videos noticed that even the testimonials in both videos were the same.

One can see why some companies might want to glean off of the success of Nutrimost. The company has shown some staggering growth since its introduction to the general public. There are two reasons that the plans is so successful. The first is that it has great results. Some people have lost 40 lbs in the first month. People also enjoy using it for the fact that it doesn’t require them to take any medication and focuses on their overall health.

Healthy Living Nutrimost’s request for them to take down the video last fall. Nutrimost has decided to sue them for $300,000 in court. This amount is designed to cover monetary damages from lost business. It is also to repair their diminished reputation. Nutrimost is also seeking a court order to prevent Healthy Living from posting the video again in the future.


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