Hippeas, Healthy and Flavorful Organic Chickpea Puffs

Hippeas Created By BisterzoRecently, Hippeas officially announced its launch in the United States. Hippeas is a new product of organic chickpea puffs. This brand aims at embarking on an amazing peas-ful snacking revolution. With a clear mission to shake and change things up for snacking, this new brand is urging all snackers to try the new snack as well as give peas a chance besides doing great things in the world. Hippeas snacks are high in fiber, gluten free, lower in fat organic as well as a source of protein. These snacks are the best snack choices for customers who demand tasty snacks comprised of high quality ingredients.

Unique Features of Hippeas

Hippeas snacks come in six different flavors namely Far out Fajita, Maple Haze, Sriracha Sunshine, Happenin’ Hickory and Pepper Power. These flavors are made up of different ingredients thus catering for the needs and preferences of various consumers. According to Livio Bisterzo, who is the chief executive officer of Green Park Brands, Hippeas has all the qualities it takes to become the next internationally loved snack brand. This brand embodies every major snacking international trend while bringing a very powerful emotional and amazing storyline to the millennial audience.

Hippeas is distinct and unique from other snack packs. This brand recognizes the philosophies of doing well and tasting good. With these two features in mind, Hippeas plans to turn things around for the better. Hippeas has partnered with the prominent Farm Africa, a charity working that aims at ending hunger as well as building prosperity to rural Eastern Africa. According to Livio, for every pack of Hippeas sold, a portion of the sales will be donated to support chickpea farmers located in Eastern Africa. This will enable the farmers grow themselves as well as build more prosperous lives for themselves and their families.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is a successful and remarkable Italian entrepreneur. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles. Bisterzo is a graduate of the prestigious and prominent University of the Arts based in London. Having being raised from a marketing background, Livio began his first entrepreneurial venture in 2003 when he established an events business. Being a man with great passion for business, Livio Bisterzo has engaged himself in various businesses that turn out to be successful. In 2015, he founded Green Park Holdings, a firm that focuses on food innovation, and Hippeas was the first brand to be launched by this amazing company. This brand is designed to attract the increasingly socially and health conscious millennial consumers.

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