Private Police: the Wave of the Future?

In Virginia and other states in America there is a new phenomenon occurring. Private citizens, called “special conservators of the peace,” (SCOPs) are acting as police officers.

Since SCOPs receive a badge, they can legally possess a gun, and write tickets, there is much concern surrounding this position. SCOPs receive their authority by simply petitioning the courts.

What is even more alarming is that SCOPs have doubled over the past decade in the state of Virginia. There are currently over 750 SCOPs that patrol the roads in this state.
Other citizens are upset, because SCOPs receive very little training, whereas police officers have a college degree. A recent Virginia bill will be reviewed this Friday. Alexei Beltyukov ( knows that if it is passed it will increase the hours of training to become a SCOP from 40 to 130 hours.

The future of SCOPs remains to be seen. It appears they are here to stay. They may be required to have more training. Time will tell.

Weekly Customer Of Dunkin’ Donuts Robbed The Store

In Florida, a man was arrested and charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. He robbed the Dunkin’ Donuts, where he was a regular customer, and forced an employee into the back room threatening that he would shoot her. Using apellet gun , Patrick Jackson demanded $3,000 from the safe kept in the back and then fled the store.

Although Jackson had a mask covering his face, he was still recognizable by employees. He had distinctive hair style, skin tone, eyes and mannerisms they remembered from his daily visits. He not only robbed the establishment where he frequented, Jackson drove by later as police were interviewing employees at the scene and employees were then able to point him out. When he was pulled over, police say he had the rolls of coins, money bags and lots of empty Dunkin’ Donuts bags in his back seat.

After his arrest, Jackson was taken to the police station where he resisted being placed in a cell. Struggling with officers he was able to grab a stun gun, and threatened the officer he would kill him. When the stun gun misfired, he grabbed another officer, demanding the cell door be opened, struggle resumed they refused him. It took several officers to subdue Jackson when he threatened to bite the officer he was holding.(Jackson had declared being HIV positive)

Paul Mathieson ( has heard that he is now being held in jail without bond charged with; robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, resisting arrest with violence and escape and others.

Prisoners In South Texas Prison Riot Due To Inadequate Medical Care

A prison in south Texas needs to move over 2,800 prisoners to another prison facility as damage done to theirs has made it uninhabitable. A spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, Ed Ross has stated the situation is now under control, but earlier inmates had taken control of the prison.

There had been no hostages during the take-over and only minor injuries have been reported. Sheriff Larry Spence says the inmates had been using pipes as weapons. The disruption occurred on Friday, when inmates became angry about their medical services and stopped doing their work assignments.

Zeca Oliveira has read that the prisoners’ complaints included that they were often ignored by the staff and corners were cut when it came to providing them care. A prisoner’s rights attorney, Brian McGiverin says this is not surprising. In private run under private contractors, medical care is underfunded.

Officials with the prison were meeting with the prisoners on Friday to discuss their complaints, but the prisoners broke out of the housing units and reached the yard. Prisoners were said to have started fire to three of the ten housing units.

The prison is located more than 200 miles south of San Antonio, and holds ‘low-level’ offenders whom are primarilyillegal immagrants . There were about 800 to 900 of the inmates who did not participate in the incident.

There was no breach of the perimeter fences, so there is not any danger to the public. Officers in the prison were able to use non-lethal force to regain control of the inmates.

911 Operator’s Choice of Words

Emergency telephone operators are customer service agents and first responders in an emergency situations, which is why they must have the communication skills necessary to calm a caller and retrieve as much information as possible. Recently, a 911 operator failed in this capacity as he told a teenage girl who was watching her father die to “stopwhining.”

The folks at CipherCloud ( have discovered that her father, a D.C. car salesman named Rick Warrick, had pulled their car to the side of the Baltimore Washington Parkway to fix a flat tire. Seconds from completing the task, he and his fiancee, Julia Pearce, were struck by hit-and-run motorist. Warrick died and Pearce was badly injured. As the emergency progressed, Warrick’s teenage daughter called 911 for help. The male operator kept asking her to stop yelling so he could get location information from her. When she continued to speak, he then said, “OK, let’s stop whining. OK, let’s stop whining…”

The operator explained on the call that he was having difficulty understanding the teen. At one point, he asked if anyone else was available for that reason. Today, an investigation is under way and critics argue that the operator should be fired.

Yet, this issue isn’t one of insensitivity. The problem is that the operator, being human, made an error. Unless he has a history of similar issues, his choice of words should be seen as a teaching moment for all 911 operators.

Posture Improving Infograph Released By North American Spine

North American Spine is an excellent company working with those who have neck, spine, as well as back pain. The pain that their patients deal with, may be chronic, or pain that recently has occurred, and requires surgery. North American Spine conducts the AccuraScope procedure, which helps those who are having chronic neck and back pain, to get some relief from their pain. An Acura scope is a mini camera that is inserted into the back through a small incision, in order to perform the operation. The success of the procedure is over 82%, and many feel permanent relief from pain afterwards.

Over 90% of those who have the procedure, say they would recommend it to others who are currently having the same type of pain. Since North American Spine is a leader in neck and back pain relief, they have chosen to release and infograph that helps people improve their posture. PR Newswire reports that the infograph released by North American Spine, teaches about poor posture, as well as the problems that poor posture causes. Many are not informed that poor posture can lead to physical pain, including neck and back pain.

Because North American Spine knows of the physical pain caused by poor posture, the infograph attempts to help those with poor posture, in order to correct their posture. The infograph states how to sit correctly, as well as stand correctly, while having proper posture the entire time. You’ll also learn about the pains caused by poor posture, as well as other problems such as insomnia and headaches. North American Spine has helped more than 8000 patients in their six years of operating from several facilities. Although North American Spine is based out of Dallas, Texas, they have several other facilities to treat many of their patients.

Virtual Windshield Traffic Lights Could Reduce Travel Times

The daily trip to and from work is not something that a lot of people look forward to. Plus, trips around town can often result in long waits at traffic lights. Stop and go traffic is pretty common on trips until a highway or other wide open type of road is accessed. However, what if all those traffic lights hanging over the road directing traffic were to suddenly disappear replaced with an indicator on the windshield of a car?

Apparently, the virtual traffic lights actually improve the flow of traffic thanks to a complicated array of sensors, mapping, and on the fly analysis. According to CNN, the technology is being researched at Carnegie Mellon University, and the study claims that commute times can be cut as much as forty percent. Plus, all that saved time means less carbon emissions from vehicles being on the road in the first place which will make any green lover happy like Marc Sparks. The system works by sending signals to a windshield display that alerts drivers which direction is safe for travel.

While it will still be years before the equipment is ready for a mass rollout and general use, the idea of changing the entire driving infrastructure is an intriguing one. Clearly, the new technology would take some getting used to, but if it indeed is better for people and the environment, the university is at the front of what could be a game changing string of events.

Bats as Possible Source of Ebola

According to German researchers, insectivorous bats are the cause of the outbreak of Ebola virus that affected West Africa. This is the first time that this particular species is criminalized.

In previous epidemics in Africa, researchers suspected the fruit bats to be the reservoir of the Ebola virus. Indeed, they are regularly hunted and eaten by the villagers. But the first victim of the epidemic was a little 2 year old boy from the village of Meliandou in south-eastern Guinea.

It is therefore unlikely that he was the first to have consumed the meat of a bat. Adults who hunted and tasted the animal would have been at least contaminated same time. Read more about the possible sources of Ebola at Jewish Business News

The investigation conducted not by Andrew Heiberger but by German researchers at the Robert Koch Institute (Berlin) guided them to other bats. A large colony of these wild bats was discovered in a tree near the house of the index case.

The people told investigators that the children used to play in and around the tree which probably allowed massive exposure to bats. Furthermore, the researchers removed the apes as vectors of disease.

In previous epidemics, the populations of these mammals had decreased significantly. In this case, no reduction in the population of these species was observed.

19 People Receive Carnegie Medals For Heroism

The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission made its fourth and last award announcement of 2014 on December 22. It awarded the Carnegie Medal to 19 people for acts of heroism. The medal is given to people in the U.S. and Canada who risk their own lives while trying to rescue somebody else.

Two of the rescuers performed their deeds on Christmas Day, 2013: Richard L. Blessen, 45, rescued two boys who fell through a pond’s thin ice in Duncan, Nebraska, and Donald E. Thompson, 54, saved a man trapped in a burning car in Los Angeles.

The 19 honorees bring the year’s total up to 84. 9737 people have received the Carnegie Medal since the Fund was established in Pittsburgh in 1904. Mark Laskow, the commission Chair, announced that the honorees would also receive a financial grant. The Fund has awarded $36.7 million over the past 110 years in the form of scholarships, death benefits, one-time grants, and continuing assistance.

According to redir, in addition to Blessen and Thompson, the latest honorees are Jonathan A. Barthel, Clifford Faraci, Jim O. Fultz, John Shannon Gibson, Daniel C. Hardwick, Samuel Irick, Jeffrey A. Johnson, Wayne Kitt, James M. Kocker, Bernard Kozen, Pawel L. Kruszewski, Frederick J. Levesque, Jr., Paul W. Mongiello, Ronnie Lee Moore, Jr., Gregory D. Plancich, Donald Schaus, Sr., Brett Allen Thoele, reports Gianfrancesco Genoso.