Omar Yunes Has Grown His Franchise

Omar Yunes is a franchise owner. He started his own area of the franchise in Mexico and it was one of the first times that he really was able to make a difference for the people in the country. By doing this, he gave himself the chance to try new things and to make sure that things would work out for him. He also did what he could to help people with the options that they needed and with the experiences that he had. Since he opened up the company and since he was doing what he could to work with different areas, he knew that there would be more to experience for people who were in different situations. Omar Yunes knows that Mexico is able to benefit from everything that the company has to offer including the food and the experiences that people get from the jobs that are offered. He wants to make sure that everyone has what they need.

The company has grown since Omar Yunes opened a franchise and that is something that has made it even better than what it was in the past. It is also something that has allowed it to grow in profits so that people are able to get what they need out of the situations that they are in. For Omar Yunes, all of this has given him the chance to try more and to do more with the experiences that he has been a part of.

Recently, Omar Yunes won yet another award for the work that he has done with the company. This is something that has given him one of many awards and something that has allowed him the chance to keep working hard for the different parts of the company. Omar Yunes knows that it is a necessary part of the business and that he will be able to accomplish more thanks to the experiences that he has been a part of. For him to be able to win another award is indicative of the fact that he can continue growing the business and being successful.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel the Specialist in Dental Sleep

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters Instructor based in New Jersey. The doctor has vast experience in sleep treatment and handling of sleep disorders. He is a renowned sleep apnea expert and dentist. His experience and expertise have significantly revolutionized the field of dental health. Dr. Weisfogel established his dental practice in 1999 and named it Old Bridge Dental Care. He has managed the establishment for over 15 years, earning him several awards in the community including the title ‘Best Dentist’ for several years.


During this period, Dr. Weisfogel decided to explore the world of sleep by acquiring the necessary skills used by doctors to handle sleep disorders. As a result, the doctor founded Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010, which collaborated with physicians worldwide in the establishment of sleep labs. In 2012 Dr. Weisfogel began offering lectures to dentists through his establishment Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. The lectures were specially meant to educate physicians on how to serve sleep patients so as to increase sleep.


In 2014, Dr. Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters intended to assist dentists further in exploring the dynamics of sleep by treating the associated disorders using oral appliances. This endeavor was developed as a result of his passion and background in marketing and health. As the proprietor in Dental Sleep Masters, the doctor provides an in-depth knowledge in the world of sleep. He has used this expertise to assist dentists in identifying potential patients and subsequently help them secure the necessary treatment.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel timing in creating these establishments was appropriate as he emphasized the relevance of treating sleep disorders using oral appliances. Every new day, the number of patients diagnosed with sleep apnea and its extensive complications increased and most patients were yet to be diagnosed. Therefore, by establishing Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel initially aimed at boosting further treatment and diagnosis of this disorder. He also aimed at revealing the bigger picture so that fellow dentists could provide quality care.


Dr. Weisfogel is currently focusing on advancing the field of medicine to create more opportunities for his fellow physicians and researchers in future. His establishment models are putting an emphasis on the importance of fighting sleep apnea using oral appliances. He is working on organizing interactions with diverse groups of specialists to continue refining the approach of handling sleep apnea.


Launching Ideas with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is the kind of entrepreneur many aspire to be. With an unmatched enthusiasm for transforming ideas into businesses, Mark Sparks has built, sold, and lost more endeavors than a whole bevy of other entrepreneurs. Since his graduation from high school, Marc has launched and invested in dozens of ideas and startups. Despite having zero formal training, Marc Sparks has met with plenty of success, much of it due to enthusiasm and stellar instinct. Learn more:


Marc’s determination and passion are clearly evident in his vast array of work. His “private” private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP, boasts an array of different companies. He continues to work personally to develop solid business models with company cultures aimed at short and long term growth. Combined with his trademark sense of urgency, ‘Sparks Speed’, he lives by a standard other entrepreneurs aim to emulate. Learn more:


Marc Sparks continues to inspire the entrepreneur in everyone with his book, They Can’t Eat Marc Sparks. After being convinced by his colleagues to pen something describing his experiences and techniques, Marc produced a book aimed at helping fledgling and seasoned entrepreneurs give business their best. This tell-all tome shares everything about Marc’s great successes and his great failures. He has said he hopes to be a blessing to others by providing learning opportunities from his diverse undertakings in the business world.


Even with all his success, Marc Sparks has remembered to give back to his community. Through a homeless shelter in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn, Marc offers the less fortunate in the community a hand up instead of a handout. Instead of merely offering shelter, The Samaritan Inn offers counseling, financial education, health, and job placement services. This combination gives the Inn’s residents a much higher rate of success at integrating back into productive, working lives.


Marc Sparks’ zest for business and for life continue to serve as motivation for entrepreneurs everywhere. He ensures work-life balance by a regime of travel, fitness, and outdoor adventures. Ever the entrepreneur, Marc takes inspiration from his leisure pursuits and pours it back into his businesses. Marc’s determination, passion, and faith have proven to be the ultimate method to launch new ideas into productive businesses.

Learn more:



Cancer Treatment Gets Personal at Clinical Pathways

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) have long been known as a leader in cancer treatment, both for how they deal with patients and how they continue to be at the forefront of care innovations. In a new statement they’ve shown their commitment to that status, partnering with Allscripts and NantHealth to develop Clinical Pathways.

CTCA wants to provide a new level of support for physicians who are literally working against time to administer treatment. This means making new methods of therapy known and available without disrupting the workflow of care facilities. According to George Daneker, CTCA’s Chief Medical Officer, physicians dedicate far too much time attempting therapy methods in hopes of finding one that will work for each individual patient. This time lost is what Clinical Pathways wants to eliminate, and seeks to do with with a network of information that meets CTCA’s existing standard of treatment.

What this does is it allows for an increase in transparency. This means patients are better informed about what’s happening to them, and it lets physicians better communicate with insurance companies so that approval can be provided faster and treatment administered sooner.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America coordinates a network of hospitals that administer cancer treatment from its home office in Boca Raton, Florida. This network includes facilities in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Chicago that provides care to patients suffering from various kinds of cancer.

CTCA’s dedication towards an empathetic method of cancer treatment has led to patients recovering physically and emotionally from a serious medical condition. This has also led to a wealth of praise and recognition for CTCA as an organization, which stands apart from other care providers by forming lasting industry ties and remaining at the head of technological advancements critical to patient care.

More information on CTCA can be found on Twitter.

The Benefits of

The Cleanse


If you need to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your body, it will require you to do your best to remove waste and toxins. If this is something that interests you, look into the help that this health food company can assist you with. They provide you all that you need to get a cleanse that will be useful to you from a health point of view. They have a number of vegan products that will help you to detoxify from a number of conditions and from every day life situations. To this extent, you should read on and get all that you need for a better mind and body.


The Company offers a number of products on Amazon that will be healthy for you, but some of their biggest contributions come in the form of outreach and information. Since they specialize in health conscious products, it is easy to see why they go out of their way to promote a healthy lifestyle that helps people to make the most out of their lifestyles. provides people with a lot of information related to veganism, healthy diets, sound sleep and so much more.


The Social Media


One of the strong suits of this company is its ability to reach fans and customers on social media. The family Facebook page is very interactive, and plenty of customers have left a number of testimonials. These testimonials are a large reason why people rely on them and turn to them whenever they need a nice set of products that will serve them. For example, you will be able to communicate with others who give you plenty of background information about how they were able to lose a lot of weight — sometimes up to 30 pounds or more.

With this in mind, consider these points so that you can reach out to in order to learn some more valuable information about how they can help you. You will be glad that you did and will be able to get your hands on some wonderful health centric products.   But don’t take my word for it, visit TrustPilot to get real reviews and get a feel for whether or not is an ideal choice for your routine.

Eric Pulier: Why Many Companies Choose Computer Sciences Corporation

Are you in need of information technology solution for your business? Looking for a reliable information technology services provider? If you are on the lookout for a reputable information technology services company, Computer Sciences Corporation is a great choice. They provide services to businesses that are looking for a reliable way to maintain efficiency, and improve productivity.

Nowadays, there are many companies seeking quality technology solutions. And there are many vendors out there catering to the needs of organizations and businesses. There are also a wide variety of business solutions and pricing plans available. Choosing the best solution or service provider can be a difficult endeavor for many businesses. Furthermore, you’ll have to deal with the company or business solution you choose for a long time. If you are a company manager or organization leader, you will have to deal with that challenge of selecting new technology or business solution.

Computer Sciences Corporation has been in business for a long time and has an established history of providing top quality information technology solution, and can provide reliable service. With Computer Sciences Corporation on your side, you do not have to worry about the difficulty or challenge in choosing a information technology solution or information technology service company.

As you research and compare service providers be sure you will have contact information of the technicians and owners, in case you want to get in touch with them at anytime. Additionally, your IT technology company should provide an automated system for handling help requests. When you choose Computer Sciences Corporation, you do not have to worry about these issues. They provide every client with a designated business IT technology specialist. Additionally, their automated help desk support is available for you to use at anytime. Their certified technicians are available and respond promptly to support requests.

When you sign up with Computer Sciences Corporation, they will perform a thorough evaluation of your existing technology solution and infrastructure to determine what where improvement is needed. They will strive to set up a system that ensures efficient operation for your business. Computer Sciences Corporation ensures that their clients do not experience expensive downtime, which can negatively affect both productivity and your business’ bottom line.

Eric Pulier is a reputable professional in the field of information technology. As CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation, a leading information technology solutions provider, Eric Pulier has handled many reputable and high profile projects, including education, charity and government. He is also a co-founder of many businesses that provide top quality services in various industries. Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, and has been involved in projects that gross millions of dollars annually.

Financial Investment Prospering Countries

Finance is a wide discipline that incorporates different entities. This is one of the leading fields that have attracted a very large number of people to start investing in. Finance can be referred to as the act of money management and the process of assets management. Through financial management, many countries globally have developed ways of merging resources for development purposes. Financial institutions have also developed rapidly in countries across the world with the aim of consolidating the financial sector in offering services to the public. Financial educational institutions have also developed at a very high rate and are offering professional educational curriculum thus producing qualified people. Finance is divided into three distinct divisions. Personal Financing is one major area in financing which helps people to manage their financial situation.

Through personal financing, people can easily manage financial resources which makes them invest in projects. People are able to invest in long-term asset investment like building houses and also in retirement benefit schemes. The other form of finance is the Corporate Financing. This type of financing allows for companies to invest their finance in a proper way. Corporate institutions can easily plan for the assets it has and invest in structural development while reducing misappropriation of funds. Finally there is Public Finance which is the commonly known type of finance management. Through public finance, government can easily plan for their expenditure in development purposes. Many governments use public finance to manage the distribution of resources and structural development like building public roads. This has helped many countries develop the economic situation and reducing the lending rates.

Finance has attracted a very large number of people who have resorted to invest in the field. Brian Bonar is a renowned financial management person who has invested a lot in the financial field. His experience in the financial sector has made him to be among the most sought after financial service specialist in the United States of America. Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Company which is a staffing and insurance company. Through his enormous skills, he has transformed the company to be among the top leading insurance service provider globally. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of Dalrada Financial Services which is a top leading financial service in the United States of America. The company specializes in the sales and acquisition of financial strategies. This has also attracted a huge number of clients who throng their offices in search of the financial knowledge. They also offer financial education to the clients and enable them to properly work on their financial capabilities. His knowledge in acquisition and merger of assets has increased the financial base of the company.

Adam Sender: The Astute Art Collector

Art is timeless, knows no boundaries and brings back memories. It is something that has been done throughout the existence of mankind. As a matter of fact history outlines several drawings made in the early days of mankind. Therefore, art is part of our daily lives.

The work of art collection is not an easy task. Some people start doing it has a hobby and others do it as a full time job. Whether you are doing it as a hobby or not, it is not easy coming up with a collection that is unique and at the same time consistent. The collection can run to centuries back but the end game is coming up with a collection that is relevant. This requires much skill not just money and luck.

The key to this is knowing a variety of contemporary artistes with topnotch talents that are there in the art field. This is to ensure that the art collector has numerous sources for the art, different styles and designs, plus a variety of cultures. The thought process can be similar but, the delivery is what brings out the uniqueness in a piece.

There are many people who have tried it out but due to lack of proper skills failed to have a collection worth of note. Adam Sender is not one of them. In a period of over 20 years that he has been in art collection, he has been able to collect over 500 pieces and organized several art exhibitions. The work of art that he has gathered is from the best contemporary artist around. An highlight of this being an exhibition that he organized in one of his Miami home for Art Basel Miami Beach Dubbed Home Alone that showcased over 70 works culled from a collection of over 1000 works worth over a 100 million dollars in value.

Mr. Adam Sender initially worked at Exis hedge fund where he is the founder. He has been doing art collection since 1990s and employs a strategy of wait and see when it comes to new artistes. He prefers buying art from artistes who have been in the field for a few years rather than those starting out. Over the years he has collected art from Rashid Johnson, Sarah Lucas, Keith Herring and Jenny Hozler among others. Initially he used to collect art that went for 100 thousand dollars which he now sales for a fortune. Something that he says is quite difficult for it has become expensive.

The work of art collection is an art. It requires skill and an in depth understanding of the field for one to be successful. It is not only for money, it can also be a meaningful hobby.

Newest Super Lawyer Dan Newlin Joins Elite Group

The distinction of being considered a Super Lawyer Law Firm is only appointed to less than 5% of lawyers working in the state of Florida. Dan Newlin and his law firm have recently received that incredible honor and dignified recognition, joining the ranks of a handful of Florida law firms to receive this honor. To understand why Dan Newlin reached the pinnacle of this competitive industry, one only need look back briefly at his amazing career to date.

Twenty years ago, Dan Newlin began his march towards Super Lawyer starting in law enforcement. His career began back in working for the Indiana and New Chicago Fire and Police Department. The Dan Newlin accepted a position working for the Orange County Sheriff Office in Orlando. One of the busiest offices in the state, Mr. Newlin served for ten years and earned the ranking of a Sheriff’s Detective. His job details working in that department ranged from auto theft to narcotics enforcement. He was later assigned to work in the fugitive division, having worked to apprehend hundreds of the most dangerous fugitives in this region.

During his time serving as the fugitive detective, Dan Newlin had received a large number of awards from the United States Marshalls Office for his dedication and commitment to his job, having gone above and beyond the call of duty in numerous situations. Then in 1997, Dan Newlin was accepted to Florida State College of Law and graduated successfully in the year 2000. Mr. Newlin is now licensed to practice law in both Chicago and Illinois, and maintains offices in both location so to provide locals excellent and outstanding legal services.

Fast forward to today and attorney Dan Newlin is helping clients to recover large amounts of money in their settlements. His law firm has helped thousands recover over $150 million dollars for injury and accidents, and has grown from his small one room office to a large firm that employs 18 of the most highly skilled and experienced attorneys in their respected fields. The super team consists of former state prosecutors and board certified surgeons. Currently, attorney Dan Newlin employs 75 people, all important parts of the firm and the reason this team has received such a prestigious award.

Attorney Dan Newlin and his law firm are committed to helping clients in the region in a number of different areas. His team specializes in automobile accidents, personal injury claims, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical negligence, nursing home neglect, wrongful death, and any other types of injury claims. Attorney Dan Newlin provide exceptional service to all customers, regardless how big or small the claim. Call his local office today and receive a free initial consultation on your case.

Starting Your Own Business with Direct Selling

If you talk to people in the corporate realm or aspiring entrepreneurs, many will explain how they would like to increase income or start a business. Starting a business from scratch though has its pros and cons. There is the risk of getting a loan, spending years of saving, or having to write business plans and pitch to family and friends for an proposed idea that may or may not work. This is where one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, QNet comes in. Qnet allows individuals to start a legitimate business all from the comfort of their own home by selling quality products to consumers worldwide.

Why Direct Selling Works?

Qnet offers a variety of products, from luxury watches, to health and nutritional supplements. Not only does someone joining Qnet get to experience running their own business and enter the world of marketing, but they also benefit with a great compensation plan. Forget MLM pyramids, and compensation soley based on recruitment. Qnet is a direct selling (DS) company that will compensate people who join with commission from sales. Unlike similar models out there, QNet has strict guidelines and regulations for anyone that decides to join, along with a tough regime for those who to reap the lucrative benefits. Qnet offers 10 ways to growth within the company, and the best part is anyone that joins can decide to do it full or part time.

Why Work for a Leading Company?

Other benefits include running a low risk business. Qnet takes the guesswork out of having to buy office space, spend time developing and marketing a product, or having to figure out how to run a business by oneself. Research has show that nine out of ten business fail within the first five years. Well Qnet is strong and thriving business that is consistently growing. Qnet has many experienced seller and mentors that are just a email, appointment, or phone call away to help. It is a great experience to be involved in a growing, multi-billion company that serves consumers across the world.