Philip N Diehl of U.S. Money Reserve Talks Investing

Eric Dye of Enterprise Radio enjoys chatting with experts in the financial world. Philip N. Diehl is absolutely a distinguished expert. Diehl serves as the current president of U.S. Money Reserve, a global distributor of precious metal coins that has sold millions of dollars worth of merchandise to investors.

People are investing heavily in gold. As reported on PR Newswire, Diehl sat down with Dye to talk about the why’s behind the boosted desire to buy gold.

There are various factors that contribute to the overall interest in the acquisition of gold. Foreign governments have recently chosen to purchase large amounts of gold to hold them in reserve. Recently, Venezuela showed the world why procuring large amount of gold may be a wise strategy. The company sold off a massive amount of gold to pay down debts. Various countries looking to hedge their economies procure gold for similar reasons. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Foreign governments are not the only ones looking to acquire gold. Major banks and corporations have purchased significant stockpiles to hedge their value and worth as well. Speculators love to buy gold when they see active movement.

Diehl reveals all these factors, combined with confusion over the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, are stimulating large purchases of gold. Investors from all backgrounds are buying the precious metal. Diehl suggests they buy for the long-term and stick with gold (or silver or platinum) coins.

U.S. Money Reserve tends to sell coins made by the U.S. Mint. Hence, they are real currency. Diehl states gold coins backed by the “full faith and credit of the U.S. Government” are definitely valuable assets to acquire. Coins, bars, and bullion procured from dubious sources are not exactly as reliable as U.S. currency.

The short interview covers an enormous amount of subject matter. Those new to gold coin investing absolutely will find Diehl’s words worth hearing.

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