Richard Mishaan Design Leads the Way

High-end design is the name of the game at Richard Mishaan Design. Whether his clients require landscape design, interior design or high-end furniture the company has them covered. Richard Mishaan Design is a full-service interior design company that can also address any landscape design needs. The firm specializes in bespoke and custom finishes that meet the requirements of even the most discerning clients.


The accessory and art collection available at Richard Mishaan Design is second to none and is on par with what you may find in an exclusive gallery. The lighting collection available from Richard Mishaan Design rivals that of custom artisan workshops. Every product available through Richard Mishaan Design is hand selected and sourced from only the highest quality purveyors. Richard Mishaan Design leads the way in interior design for high-end residences and provides everything that his client needs from furniture to art and accessories.


Mishaan, who is a native of the country of Colombia, moved to the city of New York for his education. Upon completing his undergraduate work at New York University, he then studies architecture at Columbia University. This entrepreneur has a keen eye for sleek design and his taste is impeccable. His success speaks for itself and his client list continues to grow. His company is a shining example of the benefits of hard work and dedication, it is apparent in his design and the items that are offered through his company just how strong his passion is. This design dynamo shows no signs of stopping and it will be exciting to see what he does next. He has already authored two very successful and well-received books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern which are both published by the eminent Monacelli Press. Richard Mishaan Design is one to watch as he continues to build upon his successes.