The Remarkable Development of Real Estate in Houston

Houston is the most populated city in Texas and the American South region. The city of Houston was established in 1836 in a land near Allen’s landing and was turned into a city in 1837 June 5th.The city was named after Sam Houston who was a former General and president of the Republic of Texas after winning the Battle of San Jacinto. The city has a population of about 2.239 million people.

The high population of the city has greatly contributed to its growth in real estate. In Houston, the real estate is undertaken for both commercial and residential purposes. Potential home owners enlist the services of real estate agents who help them find homes according to their specifications and budget. The residential areas available are used for leasing and purchasing purposes. Many people have been moving to the region to source for houses given that the city has received positive comments from different individuals, corporations and satisfied consumers.

Houston Real estate has played a major role in enhancing the economic growth of the city. After the decline of the oil industry, Houston needed another source of capital. Construction companies took the opportunity to establish their companies and expand the real estate sector by building homes to cater to the working folk who were looking for a cheaper alternative. This spate of construction led to the establishment of apartments, condominiums and storey houses made from affordable materials. The cheaper houses attracted many people from other regions and the boom in real estate construction within the region registered positive public participation.

Commercial real estate has been established to provide social amenities and business opportunities for residents of Houston. Shopping centers in Houston have greatly benefited the town. Highland village shopping complex is one of the largest complexes in the region and Haidar Barbouti owns it. Mr. Barbouti owns a roof top restaurant in the building. The restaurant is called Own Up and attracts a large number of people to savor the amazing meals found on the entity’s menu.

There is a variety of homes offered within the larger real estate market in Houston. The ranch styles are popular because Houston is a horse and cattle ranching area. Town houses have also become popular because of the high number of city dwellers who need to be in close proximity to their workplaces. These homes are not only built for couples and families but also the single people who are taking advantage of the affordable opportunity to have their own personal spaces.

The benefits of real estate are vast. Improvement of real estate opens up an avenue for better infrastructure. The transport and communications sector in Houston has greatly improved with the establishment of real estate. This infrastructure has opened market for trade within the region.