Those Looking For Manhattan Offices For Rent Should Check Out Shared Office Spaces


An article posted by the Harvard Business Review,, sheds some light on a new business model that has been creating some recent noise. From this new business model, often called ‘shared work offices’ or ‘coworking spaces’, companies are forming to meet this opportunity. What companies like Workville are quickly discovering is an ever increasing need for this type of space.
This makes sense considering the primary members of these coworking spaces are those within growing industries that are demanding more and more workers of the freelance, technology services and other various independent employee types. As outsourcing and technology create more non-traditional employment opportunities, more remote and freelance work, the need for this type of work space increases.
Studies have shown time and again that the optimum working condition is one that provides an individual as much freedom as possible while maintaining a structure and routine. The freedom offers employees the opportunity to be freely creative and take initiative, it allows them a sense of ownership over projects. Routine and structure help people to become more productive and efficient . Balance is the key, and these shared work spaces most often utilized by these non-traditional roles are able to get the best of both, freedom and guidance.
This is where companies like the aforementioned Workville focus all of their attention. The goal was simple and two fold. First was to create shared offices and working spaces that was conducive to a comfortable working environment. The second task was to both, create a sense of community and afford a structured workplace allowing members to build relationships, share knowledge and ideas, develop productive routines and empower every member to take control of their work and performance.
An example of shared office space in NYC is Workville. There are rumblings now about taking these highly effective benefits and practices of these new shared work spaces, and integrating them into the corporate business world. With all the changes in how, where and when people do business today, it really was a matter of time before structure and offices started to mirror some of those changes. There is certainly more to come, the only question is what will it be next and what will it look like – or to be more accurate what will your office look like?


Joseph Bismark Changes Marketing Approach Spiritually


According to Please don’t ask Alice blog; Joseph Bismark is an executive in the marketing business. With his capacity to alter business as well as turn a corporation on its feet so as to make additional revenue whilst giving everyone a sagacity of admiration, he understands what is able to make a trade successful. In the domain of business as well as corporate trades, you’ll realize that spirituality plus amity of mind is certainly not the objective of most people. Nevertheless, Joseph Bismark is the one starting to transform that. 

Joseph is among the initial people in a trade nonexistent to demonstrate that trade plus spirituality can blend. As an associate of QI Group, he works at QNet, which is a junior of the cluster. Joseph has been capable of transforming the thoughts of countless people by his business concepts and his coagulated attitude to living stunningly spiritual. 

Who Exactly is Joseph Bismark?
At only 9 years old, he walked away from his cozy and old-fashioned life to turn into a Monk with Mac ashram right within the mountains in Philippines. His expedition into spirituality started there and he spent 8 years and concluded at 17 years old. He then advanced to working with business industry, yet he retained his ashram education as he grew older. In December 2008, he attained the position of Managing Director for IQ Group, and then progressed to facilitate the establishment of QNet. 

Joseph Bismark’s Business Philosophy
Bismark’s philosophy is always growing. He considers team-work and assists in instilling this belief in his staffs to grow a vision-oriented mentality. He understands that any person is able to excel, plus all that someone requires is an inspiring thrust to forge ahead. While he works with his fellow tradesmen and employees, he wishes everyone to succeed. Joseph has a psychic and specialized side that lets him to cooperate with everyone on a psychic level whilst having things done. Vijay Eswaran has described him as among the top favored QNet managers due to how he relates with everyone. 

Many people will think Joseph is naïve or not thinking right. But people don’t know that he understand everything regarding cooperating with people.