Is The Walking Dead’s Negan Going To Be A Woman?

Now, here is a pretty interesting idea being bandied about for the future seasons of The Walking Dead. A recent poll put up by the creators asked if casting a woman in the role of the villain Negan would be a welcome idea. Fans responded in the negative. Only 2% went for the idea. The staff of FreedomPop are much more neutral on this gender issue.

For fans who read the comic books, Negan is basically a different version of The Governor. Both are psychotic, but the cynical self-hatred of The Governor is not present in Negan. Negan is a bit like The Joker in the sense he is a psychopath with a sense of humor about his mayhem. Oddly, Negan can even be reasonable and forgiving at times even though he is more than willing to kill at the drop of a hat.

The trouble with Negan is he comes off a bit too much like a second version of The Governor. Returning to the Batman comparison, he is like The Riddler. Sure, The Riddler is popular but he will never be as big of a villain as The Joker.

Bringing in an actress to play a major villain in The Walking Dead could be a very good idea. Far too many of the villains on the series come off as being cut from the same mold. The Walking Dead has featured villainous female characters before, but never really any supremely evil ones. Perhaps borrowing elements from Negan and creating a female villain could be a good idea.