Afghanistan’s Bamyan Valley Statues Are Back Once Again As Holograms

In 2001 The Taliban Destroyed A Pair Of Buddha Statues Now They Are Back Thanks To 3D Light Projection Technology

The Taliban claims they are a religious group that follows the teachings of their God. Many people in Afghanistan wonder how any group could be so destructive, and still believe they are doing the work of their God. The Taliban are criminals that claim to be religious zealots. They enjoy they own kind of reward by terrorizing the people of Afghanistan in the name of God.

The Unites States experienced some success in stopping their destructive ways, but the group is back, and the Afghan people are scared to fight back because the Taliban performs hideous acts on the innocent reports Eric Pulier in an article on his personal website..

But there is some good news. Janson Yu and Liyan Hu, a Chines couple decide to invest $120,000 to bring one Buddha statue back to life on the face of the Cliffside the statues called home for more than 1,500 years. The couple set up their expensive projector on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the image of one statue came to life once again in the form of a 3D image.