Shady Angry

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Shady McCoy to the Bills to clear cap space. They took an Oregon player in return. This is a problem. Yes, Shady is mad, but there is more at play here. Shady was their best player, even after he had treatment at the Amen Clinic for head injuries. But he did not go to Oregon. He is not a yes man for Chip Kelly, so he is gone.

The Eagles are being coached like a college team, and it is not going to work. Grown men with kids and families do not have time to be manipulated, and you would be surprised how many other former college coaches did not just take on their players from college. The Eagles might as well change their name to the Ducks until Kelly leaves. I think that he is going to alienate all the players on the team who do not have time to be manipulated. These older guys are going to see right through it, and they are going to stop playing hard because they are just so tired of it.

It will start well, but it will not end well. The more Oregon players end on this team the more that the team is going to lose its real identity.

Toronto Residents Help Shop Who Forgot to Lock Their Doors

According to the story on The Toronto Sun, several patrons came into Tires Tires, LTD in Toronto after the business had closed. Late Saturday the shop owners were distracted by some last minute customers and left the shop without locking up properly. The shop was left with the “open” sign on, doors unlocked, and their alarm not set. This could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, those who stopped into Tires, Tires, LTD were honest people. Gianfrancesco Genoso has read that the store did have surveillance equipment and the owner, Diego Catala, was able to see what happened in his store after they were gone for the day. He said that five customers stopped in, took a look around and left. No one took anything from the store even though tires, batteries, and rims were left out. In fact, the fifth customer who stopped by attempted to locate the owners. On camera he is seen looking through a phone book, presumably trying to find a number to contact someone. When he did not find a number, the Good Samaritan then flipped the shop’s sign to “closed” and left. Someone, presumably the same man, notified local police about the shop being unlocked. The police then got a hold of the owners.

Diego Catala is now looking for that mystery man. He is grateful for the man’s honesty and would like to reward him with a free set of tires.