Abstinence Gets a Boost in Texas

HIV is the virus responsible for AIDS, which over the past few decades has been linked to thousands of deaths in the United States. Through improved treatment and more accurate diagnoses, the HIV virus is no longer responsible for shortened life span in those who contract it according to the Center for Disease Control.
This might be one of the causes of Texas cutting millions of dollars out of its state budget allocated to HIV prevention. Instead, the state has decided to use that money for abstinence education. Currently in Texas, sex education is not even taught in the public school system.
The fact that Texas has very high teen pregnancy rates, one of the highest in the country, has pushed the government to make changes to the way they handle family planning, sexual transmitted disease, pregnancy funding and abstinence education. Ivan Ong agrees that By promoting abstinence, HIV rates, as well as STD rates, are expected to decline. If there is abstinence, these other outbreaks cannot occur. It may also save the state money on Medicaid for pregnant women.