Olympic Valley Incorporation To Raise Taxes And Decrease Services

Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is based in the Olympic Valley in North Tahoe. His efforts are to make the area known around the world as one of the top destinations when it comes to winter vacations. Mr Wirth has told the press that they will be looking into building a gondola service which will connect Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley.

This base to base gondola will be a three part operation. The start will be in Squaw Valley rising over the ridge separating the two mountains and down into the valley of Alpine Meadows. This is one of many improvements Andy Wirth in-visions for his home at Squaw Valley. This new development will attract thousands more visitors and improve business for residents and small business’s all around the area. Mr Wirth also heads up the Navy Seal Foundation which he raises money for to help members and their families upon their return from deployment. This is something close to his heart after a recent near fatal skydiving accident left him with serious injuries and years of recovery. Navy Seals located in the Squaw Valley helped him get through this troubled time and he therefore wants to say thank you and give back.

Below is an article originally written by the Reno Gazette-Journal mentioning Mr Andy Wirth. You can find the article here article

Residents and small business’s in the North Tahoe area have been going through a difficult time as both difficult weather situations and the incorporation battle have been interfering with business. However the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth believes changes are imminent. Weather has allowed for resort to open earlier and the incorporation battle has been fought off with Squaw Valley investing large sums of money to make this happen. The reason he was not in favour of the incorporation was due to evidence of rising taxes and the decrease of services like road maintenance and snow plowing. The incorporation was however halted and efforts can now be made for the community to work on issues at hand and transportation concerns. The community should see this as a chance for healing and join their efforts to make this a better future for the community as a whole says CEO, Andy Wirth.

Fundraiser, Lacrosse, Music, and Charity. Well Done, Sir.

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur and former professional lacrosse athlete. He attended Villanova University and majored in Economics. He chose Villanova University because of the strength of the lacrosse program. Urbana possessed an undeniable drive for success since his early days growing up in Denver, Colorado.

Jon’s active social media presence

Jon Urbana is a strong supporter and advocate of the environment and has started a crowd funding campaign on the popular platform GoFundMe in collaboration with Earth force Inc., a Denver based charitable organization. Earth Force is a charity dedicated to improving environmental problems related to health, sustainability, and water. The goal of this fund is to encourage young people to become lifelong advocates towards a better, cleaner environment and community action.

In his efforts to further expand his humanitarian efforts, he started a Crowdrise fund raising campaign in support of the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS) providing a safe haven for orphaned cats. What appealed to him to the ARAS was because it is a non-kill shelter. This rescue is dedicated to rescuing kittens and adult cats, helping them heal, and finding them loving homes. Learn more about the fundraiser in this video:

Jon’s business ventures

He is currently the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA since 2013, an organization with proprietary implantable technologies for the treatment of a broad spectrum of spine and orthopedic applications.

Most of Jon Urbana’s success is attributed to being a entrepreneur and youth coach for young lacrosse players. A former Lacrosse star, he partnered with Lou Braun, to start Next Level Lacrosse Camp in 2011. This lacrosse camp takes place each year in Colorado. The camp’s aim is to zero in on the specific skills the young players will need to play the style and field position they’re interested in and have a positive and rewarding experience and want to attend each year.

Jon’s Aviation Career

Jon Urbana received a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification. Urbana, seen flying here, was recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and has been included in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database.

Ski Season Is Approaching; Squaw Valley Ski Resort Is Waiting For You

Get ready to hit the slopes! Ski season is upon us and it’s time to choose your destination.
One highly recommended spot is the famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California at the north shore side of Lake Tahoe. Not only was this resort the host to the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, it is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States.
Since becoming the President in 2012 and CEO of this great resort, Andrew Wirth is the main man behind many upgrades to the resort since then including combining Squaw Valley Ski Resort with Alpine Meadows which gives skiers access to 6000 acres of terrain. Wirth has brought this resort to the top of the list not only for it’s skiing area but for it’s focus on satisfying every customer in an A+ manner.
Squaw Valley Resort offers condominium rentals with excellent accommodations including access to The Squaw Valley Health Club and Spa. There are hot tubs, heated pools and even massage therapy. The resort is only a short walk away from the shuttle that will take you to the Alpine Meadow Mountains so you can enjoy your day of skiing or snowboarding. There are 3600 acres of skiing area and over 170 trails and 16 Bowls. The longest run is at Mountain Run and is 3.2 miles long. There are 29 lifts and 1 Aerial tram that can hold 110 people.
After a day of skiing there are many other attractions to enjoy such as ice skating, dog sledding, mini snow mobile rentals, roller skating and even sky jumping!
If you are interested in doing some shopping the Olympic Village has many shops to visit that sell clothing, camping equipment, sporting equipment and there is also a market. Another interesting stop in the village is a visit to the the Olympic Village Museum. The museum which has been newly renovated displays memorabilia from the 1960 Olympic Games.
There should be no doubt in any ski lover’s mind that The Squaw Valley Ski Resort would be the perfect place to choose to enjoy this sport.

Brian Mulligan is an extremely well rounded leader

The business world is finally starting to recover from the stagnant economy, and during this time of recovery it is extremely important that businesses seek out strong and intelligent leaders that will help bring their company to the top. One of the most exciting business leaders out there today is Brian Mulligan.
Brian always had a mind for business, and he was one of the most intelligent and hard working people in his high school class. After graduating from high school he immediately headed into college at the University of Southern California. He received a business degree from the University of Southern California, and headed into the work force immediately. He excelled in the work force, but he longed to move up in the business world, so he decided that he was going to seek his MBA from UCLA, he excelled there as well.
Brian has had a long and storied business career. During his time in the world of business he has had the opportunity to be the leader of many different companies, and these companies have all excelled under his leadership. He has worked with both Fox and Universal and is extremely knowledgeable about the media. His knowledge of the media has allowed him to become one of the most successful people of the world of business.
One of the most interesting aspects of Brian’s career has been his interest in the world of sports. Sports are an extremely interesting part of day to day life, and they have a way of keeping people engaged. Mulligan writes about Sports on a regular basis. He covers a huge variety of different topics from baseball to football. He is extremely passionate about all sports. His sports writing has been critically acclaimed and has elevated him in the entertainment industry.
Brian has also written articles on the entertainment industry. His views on business and his experience working with entertainment hands on have allowed him to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Brian has received numerous awards for being one of the most intelligent and powerful people in Hollywood.
Being well rounded is an extremely valuable attribute in the world of business, and Brian is definitely one of the most well rounded people in the world of business today. Brian has worked in the fields of business, sports, and Hollywood, and his experience with all three have made him highly valued.

Bruce Levenson hands over the Atlanta Hawks torch to new owners

The $730 million sale of the Atlanta Hawks has been one of the talking points of the NBA for a number of months, but with the sale finally completed the new owners can get down to the difficult business of pushing the Philips Arena based team to a stronger run at the playoffs. Levenson’s Atlanta Spirit consortium took control of the team in 2004 and have seen the franchise rise from rock bottom to the number one seed position over their decade in control of the club. The final sale of the Hawks was completed after months of negotiation, which was designed to make sure the Hawks were left with the best possible owners to move forward in the future without the dedicated leadership skills of Bruce Levenson.

New owner Tony Ressler has a tough act to follow after taking control from Bruce Levenson, who is well known arond the NBA for his commitment to basketball and the local community. Under the guidance of Levenson the Hawks became a popular community based franchise in Georgia and further afield as they took part in many charitable events often sourced by Levenson himself. Levenson also made sure the Hawks kept a number of large scale policies at the forefront of the minds of the fans of the NBA. Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen were active in the construction and opening of the US Holocaust Museum, which the Hawks players and officials were amongst the first to attend in a bid to make sure younger NBA fans were aware of the Holocaust and the tragedy that took place during World War II.

Despite the recent success of the Atlanta Hawks franchise the owners of the team have been making a number of moves to try and push the team on to bigger and better things. In a bid to add to the lone NBA Championship won by the Hawks in 1958 Tony Ressler and his team have been adding key figures to the front office, including the much sort after Malik Rose. New owner Ressler is obviously looking to add to the successes of the Hawks and has appointed a number of officials formerly of the San Antonio Spurs to the front office team in a bid to replicate the success of that franchise in Atlanta.

Matt Landis named ACC lacrosse defensive player of the year

matt landis black tank top

The increasing number of players of lacrosse from across North America and the world are looking towards the latest generation of stars who are performing at college level for leadership and have a new star in the form of Matt Landis. The Notre Dame player has taken on a leadership role within the Notre Dame lacrosse team and particularly in the heart of the teams defense. As a whole the team has been stingy in defense over the 11 games played so far in the 2015 season giving up just 9.10 points per game as they finished the regular season with a 4-0 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference and a 9-2 record overall, PR Newswire reports.

Landis is currently studying at Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business and has taken on the ethos of the college in achieving as much as possible as a student athlete to give himself the best chance of success on and off the field. The defensive standout picked up 22 ground balls during the season as he led the team to the number two spot in the nation and a number one ranking in the ACC.

The recognition Landis has received has not been limited to the conference Notre Dame play in, but has also come at national level with his nomination for the annual Tewaaraton Award. This award is given each year to the top lacrosse player in the nation and has this season seen three player from The Fighting Irish men’s team. Landis has been ever present this year after becoming a regular starter for Notre Dame in his sophomore year at the college.

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Ike Taylor Retires, Pittsburgh Looks to the Draft for Replacements

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been hit hard in the off season. While the team finished the 2014 season in the middle of the pack, there are massive changes being brought to the table for 2015, namely the loss of several star players. Last week, Troy Polamalu announced his retirement from the game after 11 active years with the Steelers. Polamalu’s decision was one based on his desire to leave the game at the “top” and move onto bigger and better adventures. Now, the Steelers are losing Ike Taylor, too.

Ike Taylor announced his retirement exactly one week after Polamalu made his announcement. Taylor was a free agent and had been released by the Steelers, but made the personal decision to walk away. He was drafted by the team in 2003, the same year as Polamalu. Experts seem to think there may be a connection between the teammates retirements, after all, they’ve spent their careers together, from start to finish, on the same team.

Taylor, a relatively unknown during the draft, was drafted in the second round of 2003, as a cornerback. Fans like Igor Cornelsen (resume.com) know that, fast and lanky, many teams didn’t consider his speed when looking at him. He’s done his job well, however, over the last 11 seasons for the Steelers, and likely would have continued to do so for another team.

Taylor and Polamalu are simply part of a new trend; players retiring in their prime when they still have the stamina and wherewithall to continue playing in the NFL. Now, the Steelers are left with a few empty positions that they’ll need to fill. Experts believe they are looking at the draft, coming up in just a few short weeks to fill those spots.

Can Dallas Land Adrian Peterson

It is no secret that Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones covets Adrian Peterson in his backfield. The only question is can he pull it off without giving up the farm to the Minnesota Vikings. Dallas Cowboys Interested in Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is still one of the most dominating running backs in the NFL. The obvious question is why would the Cowboys give up the farm for Adrian Peterson when they just let the NFL’s leading rusher from a year ago leave via free agency? According to Dr Jennifer Walden the Vikings would surely make Dallas pay dearly for Peterson who was suspended by the NFL for a domestic mater involving the disciplining of his son. While Peterson still has hurt feelings regarding how the Vikings handled his separation from the team during the proceedings and has not shown an interest in remaining in Minnesota, he may be stuck in a Vikings uniform. Minnesota still has the rights to Adrian Peterson and despite how badly they handled his separation from the team during the investigation of his court case, they still hold the cards if Peterson wants to play football in the NFL. Peterson’s only option without the cooperation of the Vikings is simply not to play.

This is where deal maker Jerry Jones comes in. Jerry would love to land Peterson but not at the cost of mortgaging the future of his team. Minnesota may still feel snake bit from the Hershel Walker trade which started the Cowboys glory years. They may not want to have history repeat itself.

SF Outfielder Pence Out With Broken Arm:

The San Francisco Giants ended the 2014 season on the highest of high notes, winning their third world championship in five seasons. However, they will begin the 2015 regular season on a rather low note. Fans like Jason Halpern have read hat all-star outfielder Hunter Pence is out for the next six to eight weeks after suffering a forearm fracture when a pitch from the Cubs Corey Black hit him on the arm.

The incident occurred in a spring training game between the two clubs Thursday. Your text to link… Pence was at the plate in the sixth inning when Black’s pitch got away from him and struck the outfielder on the arm. Following the game, Pence took to Twitter and posted a response to the fans who sent him get well wishes. “All the love and support is making me feel better already. Thank You :)”

Black also tweeted out, “Lost for words. Hope you heal fast @hunterpence hitting someone is never a good feeling. Hurting someone is even worse.”

Pence tweeted back, “@CblackCHC It happens my friend. Thanks for the concern, it’s a part of the game we love. No slowing down!”

Last year, Pence batted .277 with 20 homers, 74 RBIs, 106 runs, 29 doubles, ten triples and 13 stolen bases. One possible replacement for Pence in the outfield is Norichika Aoki, acquired from Kansas City in the off season.

Shady Angry

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Shady McCoy to the Bills to clear cap space. They took an Oregon player in return. This is a problem. Yes, Shady is mad, but there is more at play here. Shady was their best player, even after he had treatment at the Amen Clinic for head injuries. But he did not go to Oregon. He is not a yes man for Chip Kelly, so he is gone.

The Eagles are being coached like a college team, and it is not going to work. Grown men with kids and families do not have time to be manipulated, and you would be surprised how many other former college coaches did not just take on their players from college. The Eagles might as well change their name to the Ducks until Kelly leaves. I think that he is going to alienate all the players on the team who do not have time to be manipulated. These older guys are going to see right through it, and they are going to stop playing hard because they are just so tired of it.

It will start well, but it will not end well. The more Oregon players end on this team the more that the team is going to lose its real identity.