Tom Rothman: Pascal’s likely Successor

According to a recent LA Times report, Amy Pascal has decided to resign her position at Columbia Pictures in May to pursue a new production company. Often acknowledged as Hollywood’s most renowned and prestigious female executives, Pascal is most known for coordinating the creation of popular movies including “Groundhog Day,” “Men in Black,” and “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Undeniably, her unprecedented movie productions along with her close relationships with actors such as Will Smith and Adam Sandler all effectively contribute to her recognition as one of Hollywood’s famous and most successful film icons.

Pascal’s announced resignation has influenced the speculation of her possible replacement. Some prominent professionals at Sony Pictures believe her successor will evolve from within the Culver City Studio. So far, Tom Rothman, Doug Belgrad, and Jeff Robinov are the leading candidates for her competitive position. Doug Belgrad, was recognized last year as the President of the Studio’s Motion Picture Group and Jeff Robinov was the former Warner Bros well-known and influential executive. Robinov’s brand new film company, Studio 8, previously signed a distribution deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Tom Rothman is a former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment and is best known for his involvement in the successful production of the well-liked films “Avatar” and “Titanic.” In addition, during his eighteen year employment with Fox, he founded and was of the first presidents of Fox Searchlight which is a specialty division that created the award winning movies, “The Descedants” and “Black Swann.” His success at Fox influenced Pascal and Sony Pictures Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Michael Lynton, decision to invite Rothman to help reinvent Sony’s Tristar film label. Most professionals in his field affirm his great reputable talent and support his likely role as Pascal’s successor.

“The Interview” Comes to the Big Screen


There was a lot of speculation about whether “The Interview” would actually make it to theaters. This is a movie that has been the talk of the town in recent weeks after the Sony hack. There is a lot of friction between Stephen Williams wine,  North Korea and America as a result of all of this. There were terrorist level threats linked to the release of this movie so Sony cancelled the original release for Christmas day. Now there are independent theaters that will show the movie.

Fans are very pleased with this because a lot of people thought that the movie would never see the light of day. It was during a conference that the president addressed the issue. President Obama said that he wished that Sony would have consulted him before deciding to cancel the original release. He felt that the terrorist attack was a threat and that Sony should not have yielded to the threats of North Korea.

At the moment North Korea is still not claiming the hacking as their own. There are a lot of signs that lead to North Korea as the group that hacked Sony, but North Korea still denies this.

Sony held the movie because the company was worried about possible threats that have could ensued with the release of this film. Many of the major theaters refused to show it so Sony had to cancel the worldwide release.

Your Latest Sony Scandal, Just In Time For Christmas

Is it that time again? Sony is the company that brought you the payola scandal of 2002, the BMG rootkit scandal of 2005, and all the various hacking incidents since then thanks to their porous and flimsy security. Now Sony Pictures is the target of the latest hack. Revealed data from the incident has uncovered everything from racist comments against President Obama to evidence of gender discrimination in pay scales.

A bigger question is, why is Sony so vulnerable? It seems like a new data breach is encountered every year. Either they get targeted constantly, or their security is so slack that they make a tempting target. It does bear mentioning that Sony Corporation has holdings that include PlayStation, Blu-Ray, and CDs and DVDs published in joint cooperation with Philips, Toshiba, and Panasonic. and Igor Cornelsen conclude that they have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies.

Which means they’re more prone than most companies to get a media pie in the face once in awhile. Since media piracy is one of the chief hobbies of hackers everywhere, the company does get more than its share of attention from this demographic.