Innovative Collaboration with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks serves at Timber Creek Capital, LP, which has been in its original location for more than a decade. Recently, Marc moved the firm’s offices to an area that is highly conducive to the incubation of startups and optimized for collaboration.

Marc Spark owns the private equity company and is a renowned serial entrepreneur. He is committed to serving talented entrepreneurs in developing new ventures into revenue generating firms. According to Marc, founding a business model and the acquisition of the resources are the first two steps in the process of starting a business, which will be successful.

With the all-encompassing design of Timber Creek Capital, the firm is able to host three different ventures in the same facility as well as offer an extensive period of incubation. Marc Sparks is a student of whatever it takes for one to be successful in this world, and he comprehends that a conducive, quality and a collaborative working environment is approximately a quarter of what it takes to succeed.

Having initiated substantial number firms, Sparks understands that there lies a particular flow within an office space, which is needed to maximize output and collaboration. Marc Sparks, in his book called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘ shares vividly and profoundly his entrepreneurial journey.

In the book, Marc details a few failures, a few successes as well as his lengthy journey of learning the entrepreneurial realities. These extensive experiences have led Marc Sparks to institute Timber Creek Capital, LP, which incorporates his thirty-five years’ experience in entrepreneurship. These skills have enabled Marc to tackle the various stages of establishing a sustainable venture.

Marc Sparks takes on numerous firms at a time and provides them with mentorship as well as access to resources such as banking, capital, marketing, office space and several others. Marc Sparks, as a serial entrepreneur, wants for nothing when other entrepreneurs are embedded into the system of Timber Creek.

Through Marc Spark’s years of extensive experience, he comprehends well the barriers and annihilating circumstances that can be brought forward by entrepreneurship. Marc’s passion lies in helping entrepreneurs in building their dreams and firms as well, to critical mass through his broad experience. He boasts of great qualities like savvy of monetization, passion, faith, focus tenacity and an exorbitant sense of urgency.

Marc Sparks is the proud founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP, which he is the owner and serves as the CEO as well. He is a well-known author, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who is increasingly turning new, viable ideas into sustainable business ventures.

His profoundly written book, They Can’t Eat You, underlines his quavering road as an entrepreneur to help other upcoming entrepreneurs in creating paths to success. Marc Sparks is an active philanthropist with some of his efforts evident in Habitat for Humanity, which aims at the construction of affordable and excellent housing for families. His also runs Sparkey’s Kids, which donated a thousand laptops with American Can! Academy to at-risk children.