Only Sergio Cortes Can Truly Imitate Michael Jackson

There are too many stars who have died over the years to count them all, but certain stars leave such an impression on their fans that people start imitating them before or even after their death. Michael Jackson is one such star that has had countless impersonators from all over the world, but not everyone hits the mark when it comes to impersonating Michael Jackson. Michael had too many talents for any one person to imitate them perfectly, or did he? There’s no question that Michael was the best at everything he did, but someone imitating him would also have to learn a lot to be just like the star.

Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson imitator that does it so well that one would think that he went to a University to learn how to be Michael Jackson. Many imitators who try to imitate Michael Jackson may simply put on a wig, dab on some makeup, put on a unique outfit, and do a few dance moves. Sergio takes being a Michael Jackson impersonator to the limit, and he has done every and anything possible to embody Michael Jackson completely. Sergio doesn’t just want to look like Michael Jackson; he wants others to really believe they are seeing Michael Jackson in the flesh.

A true impersonator will study the person they are impersonating and learn everything about them, and that’s what Sergio Cortes has done. Impersonators who simply feel they can go out and throw on clothes and look like the person they are trying to imitate will not make it very far, and this person is likely to be made fun of as well. Sergio is such a great imitator that many have confused him with Michael Jackson in the past, and his uncanny resemblance to the late pop star is absolutely unbelievable.

Many say that every person has a twin on the other side of the world, so it’s possible that Sergio Cortes was Michael Jackson’s twin. Although Michael had many different looks over the years, Michael changed himself enough to where Sergio realized that he looked just like him. After Sergio had started seeing the similarity between Michael and himself, he began imitating Michael, especially since he was a big Michael Jackson fan. Sergio met Michael in person, and Sergio has been imitating Michael for years. Anyone looking for a Michael Jackson imitator can’t find a better one than Sergio Cortes.

MJ Impersonators Have To Bow To Sergio Cortes

Sometimes there will be a person that is so good at what he does that others have to bow down to their greatness. In basketball, Michael Jordan proved to be the great one that others had to yield to. In entertainment Michael Jackson become the one that others had to look up to for inspiration. In the passing of Michael Jackson, Sergio has become the impersonator that other imitators have to look up to. This is evident from the strong fan base that is continuing to grow for Sergio.

He is a star in his own right even though he is simply impersonating someone else. He has been able to make a living do this so his ability to performance are good. He has become the performer that others look at and consider how they can improve their game. This is one of the things that Sergio has been able to do because he has practiced the hits. He knows “Smooth Criminal” as well as Michael Jackson may have known it. He has studied “Billie Jean” enough to make people think that Jackson had returned from the dead. Sergio Cortes has created some strong ties and allowed himself to become someone that others would have to bow down to. It cannot be denied that he looks a lot like Michael Jackson. It cannot be denied that he has the desire to perform in huge shows the way that Jackson performed. He has what it takes to convince the rest of the world that this is where he needs to be in life. That is why he has been able to make a living doing this.

Jackson had a lot of fans, and Sergio has been able to give these fans a stage show that brings them back to “Remember the Time” and “Thriller” days. The music of today has changed a whole lot, but when people see Sergio on the stage they are transported right back to the time where Jackson was making hits. They are able to relive the highlights of Michael’s career by way of the tribute shows that are taking place. This has made Sergio Cortes a performer that will be in demand for years to come.

He just continues to get better as more people discover who he is. Sergio is always working towards perfection. This was the same goal that Jackson had during this career.