Securus Technologies Exposes Wrongdoing in Communications Industry

Securus Technologies is widely recognized for its role in providing technology solutions in the criminal justice system. Out of respect for the integrity of the industry and the important role it provides within the criminal justice system, Securus has recently announced that it will be releasing various reports regarding some of the offenses committed by Global Tel Link in its provision of inmate communication services.

Specifically, Securus Technologies will release information from a 17-page report by the Louisiana Department of Corrections, which details how Global Tel Link found ways to overcharge customers for the communication services it was providing in the prison system. Some of the wrongful and unlawful practices undertaken by Global Tel Link include charging rates above those allowed under state and federal regulations, finding ways to attach additional unauthorized charges to bills to customers and double billing for single phone calls without prior authorization. According to the report, this egregious activity by Global Tel Link has cost Louisiana tax payers more than $1,200,000.

In the words of representatives from Securus Technologies, the wrongs committed by Global Tel Link represent a cancer within the communications industry that must be wiped out before more customers are taken advantage of. According to Securus Technologies, its customers will benefit from the watchdog role that Securus Technologies is providing in rooting out wrongdoing in the industry and exposing it to the general public. Securus Technologies hopes that this will raise the bar in terms of standards for integrity across the industry.

Securus Technologies currently serves more than 3,400 agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates and their families all across the continent. In addition to providing communication services for inmates and their families, Securus Technologies also assists with emergency response, information management, investigation, public information and incident management services across many correctional facilities.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.