Visual Search Engine: Slyce

In this age of digital technology and the ways in which we search for and collect information are being revolutionized. This new technology often finds new and unexpected applications in our daily lives. One of the newest advancements in digital search technology is a piece of software called Slyce. is a new app designed specifically to work with modern smart phones and other mobile or digital devices. Slyce is referred to as the first Visual Search Engine. It offers users an instantaneous and engaging way to browse the Internet for information with only the click of a button. Slyce users can take a photo of objects that interest them in their day to day life. When activated the Slyce app uses 3D scanning technology to scan the object for its approximate size and shape. Once it has all of this information the app begins an online search for available products of a similar brand or design.

This mobile app is perfect for a wide range of people, however it is most useful in the hands of someone who is visually or artistically oriented and those who consider themselves avid online shoppers. The app allows it’s users to search for information on a products immediately upon seeing it without even having to check the brand name. Once it has scanned an object, Slyce will provide users with details like online shopping information, nearest physical outlets, size and color options, as well comparative pricing lists. This promises to make online shopping faster and easier for anyone with a smartphone.

Just imagine that one day you’re walking down the street. You see something on display in a shop window. You immediately like the look of the product but can’t find any information available on the display. Normally you would have to either enter the shop and buy the item as seen or wait, go home, and do some research to find out if you’re getting the optimum price, size, and style combination that you want. If you do this you risk returning to find that someone else has already purchased your item. Slyce allows you to gather all the information you will need to make a purchase simply by activating the app snapping a picture.

For online shopping fans with a spontaneous nature and visual streak it is the perfect companion to help you make your purchases quickly while staying well informed.

Slyce Offers A Variety Of Apps For Consumers To Shop Online

Visual Search Industry Proves Useful To Retailers

Retailers are beginning to see how useful the visual search industry can be to their development and growth. These companies need consumers to continue to see their products. Since online shopping is now a major trend among consumers, retailers have to find a new way to showcase their products. Consumers are exposed to the new lines of fashion, the new products in the lifestyle industry and new products in other industries like home improvement by a variety of useful tools for online shopping. The visual search industry is the biggest and newest example of an industry that is constantly exposing consumers to a variety of new and exciting products being offered by consumers.

Visual search companies are starting to develop sophisticated means of showing their data that they have gathered from consumer shopping habits. They are sharing this with retailers in order to help retailers keep their momentum going. Retailers need to remain relevant in the lives of consumers. It isn’t enough for retailers to simply take surveys of what consumers like to buy or to watch what sells in their stores. They are having to take into account the long lists of data that are arriving from their online sales as well.

Slyce Makes It All Possible

Slyce is a revolutionary new way for consumers to do their online shopping with as much ease as possible. The application is available for all devices, and it is incredibly easy to use. It actually lets consumers take a picture of something they want to buy instead of having to stand in line at the store for the product. This convenience is allowing Slyce to network with large retailers to help move their products in a faster, more efficient manner. Slyce is doing things for the online shopping community that have never been done before.

They have a variety of applications on the market for consumers to pick from. Crave is designated to help consumers find exactly what they want in terms of clothing and apparel. Visual search app is made by Slyce, and it is a great match for any consumer who shops for their clothing online often. It uses pictures taken from the user’s smart phone to find exactly what they were looking for when they decided to shop online.