Slyce Reinvents Online Shopping With Visual Search

In his interview with the online publication Live Mint, program developer Ram Prakash makes certain claims about the fashion industry in relation to the evolution of current technologies. He is a developer of the fast paced, new online shopping experience known as visual search recognition shopping. The industry is also known for their boisterous use of artificial intelligence or AI in order to boost speediness of visual image searches conducted instead of the usual keyword searches. This industry prides itself on not forcing their users to punch buttons in order to find their products, but users have many choices as to how to conduct their search with images.

Valuable Insight In The World Of Visual Search

Ram Prakash is like most developers, in that he sees the technology evolving faster than people in related industries are able to adapt to this change. For instance, the application allows for more accurate searches, and it allows for better recommendations on searches, but the retailers whose products are sold are unable to understand what to do with the data from these sales. Retail chains, especially those focused on fashion, are finding themselves overloaded with data that is relevant to their purchasing strategies, but they are not ready to use the data wisely yet.

Problems Being Solved In The Visual Search Industry

Slyce is one of the largest companies to create applications, products and services for the visual search industry. The company was started in Los Angeles, California as a smaller tech company before they switched gears to take on the duties involved in creating, managing, updating and manufacturing this new online shopping experience. Visual search apps are the world of tomorrow in terms of shopping because they can make a user’s life much easier.

People already don’t want to visit stores and opt for online shopping instead. Some consumers think online shopping is difficult because it is hard to find the product that you are looking for online. However, Slyce’s visual search application makes online shopping fun again. They have added additional features to their roster of compelling, evolved technology. In one example, users can visit a chat menu while searching for products in order to get advice from a real person on Slyce’s team. That user gets their own personal shopper to help guide them.