Keith Mann Introduces New Scholarships

Dynamic Search Partners was started several years ago by Keith Mann, a philanthropist and educational activist who is based in the United States of America. Keith has always loved education, and he helps young people get quality education by offering them opportunities and also pairing them with an organization who help them achieve their professional dreams. Due to this reason, at the beginning of the year, he introduced a new scholarship program that is aimed at helping young people complete their college education.

Early this year, Keith Mann publicly announced that he will be launching Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement awards. According to the philanthropist, the award will be for young people graduating from high school who have proved to have all it takes in order to become the leaders of the future.

To make his dream a success, the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners decided to partner with Uncommon Schools, a very popular non- profit making charter that is also based in the United States of America. The students who will be selected for a scholarship must be graduates from the Uncommon Chartered High Schools, and this means that the partnership will be of great help to both institutions.

The students and teachers from the uncommon schools are very excited about the new partnership. This new opportunity which has presented itself will be of great help to them, and they will achieve a lot of success thanks to the partnership. For a student to qualify for the award, they must meet some requirements. They must be graduating from the Uncommon School first of all. They must also be able to write a 1000 word article, explaining why the four-year college will benefit them in attaining their professional achievements.

The students will only be allowed to make their applications between February 29 and March 31 the year 2016. The qualified candidates will then be linked to important organizations after completing their degree in the college. The award will be offered to a student every year, and in return, they will help the other generation in the future when they have done well in their careers.