A Robot Restaurant What?

Jared Haftel agrees with zoominfo.com’s opinion that it has long been discussed that one day the human race will rely solely on computers and robots to do every day tasks. The future is here and it is serving traditional Chinese food. 

China has a rich history of innovative thinking. The restaurant industry is no exception. The release of Disney Pixar’s Wall-E sparked the imagination of restaurateurs in Eastern China.. 

Robots in the restaurant do every task imaginable from cooking to serving. The only task they fall short on is clean up. Cleaning is still left up to humans. But rest assured that with the strides made by the Asian culture ever day the robots will soon be cleaning as well, or better than us humans. 

So when will this new trend expand to the rest of the world? The trend may be looked upon as a way for robots to take over the workforce of the world, but I challenge you to look beyond the surface issue of job reduction and instead look toward who will maintain these fascinating robots. The job market may not call for a person to flip burgers for a living, but instead work toward higher education to ensure these robots work at their peak.