The Kabbalah Centre Sees A Boost In Members Following Celebrity Endorsements

The Kabbalah Centre has been operating across the U.S. in its current form since the 1960s when Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife Karen brought this form of ancient Jewish mysticism to the people of New York and beyond. Rabbi Berg had been interested in this often hidden form of Judaism for many years and set out to bring a translation of the “Zohar” scripture to the public to help them live a more spiritual life.

In the 1990s The Kabbalah Centre received a major boost to its popularity when a number of celebrities, including pop icon Madonna began making public their own decision to follow the religious group. From Madonna to reality TV star and socialite Paris Hilton The Kabbalah Centre has been discussed as a way those in the public eye have looked to maintain their spiritual focus during tough personal and career moments.

The question many people ask is why stars from Christian and other faiths choose to study a belief system that is said to be the oldest in existence and predates any religious writings found in the world? The simple answer for Madonna and Paris Hilton may be the fact the writings and guidelines laid down in the Zohar explain just how important the Kabblah is in understanding how to live a fulfilled life with a spiritual aspect to it; the non-judgemental attitude of teachers from The Kabbalah Centre allows individuals to translate the scriptures in a way that meets their personal religious needs.Celebrities have always been searching for a greater level of fulfillment with the aid of The Kabbalah Centre, including Sammy Davis Jr. who linked his study of this form of Judaism with the needs of the civil rights movement and gaining a deeper understanding of the oppression seen by many minority groups.