Jason Halpern Understands the Real Estate World


Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern is an industrious and committed professional who is part of the vast real estate realm. He’s a highly regarded real estate developer who works as the Principal of a well-known company that’s called JMH Development. JMH Development, in short, is a real estate development firm that focuses on high-end commercial and residential properties alike. It concentrates on properties that are based in locations all around the United States. JMH Development is a powerhouse in the establishment of coveted properties in areas such as Miami Beach, Florida, Brooklyn, New York and Manhattan, New York.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is certainly no stranger to the competitive, dynamic and fast-paced real estate community. Real estate is actually something that runs in his family. JMH Development was founded by his family members. He became the head of the firm in 2010.This real estate expert is the dictionary definition of busy. He regularly works on numerous projects at the same time. These projects often involve traveling to distant cities as well. He’s often dealing with Miami property projects. He’s frequently dealing with Big Apple property efforts, too. There’s no arguing that Halpern spends a significant amount of time on airplanes.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

When Halpern isn’t busy working on his many real estate missions, he looks after Max, his young son. He truly enjoys spending quality time with the teenage boy. They attend sporting events together on a regular basis. They’re particularly big fans of the New York Giants. Halpern and Max also are big scuba diving enthusiasts. They sometimes head to other nations to enjoy days of scuba diving as well. Examples are both Mexico and Costa Rica.Halpern adores traveling to other countries. He doesn’t, however, adore lengthy New York City commutes in the morning. He doesn’t have to worry about them, either. He lives inside of a penthouse apartment that happens to be in the same exact building as his office. That makes getting to and from his job daily a total piece of cake. Halpern is a massive force in the real estate universe these days. He only plans on getting stronger, too.