The Search Fixers May Save Your Business


Being in business comes with scores of different responsibilities. Those new to entrepreneurial endeavors might be shocked at all the steps they must stay on top of. Maintaining a solid online reputation is among those responsibilities. Once extremely negative commentary is published online and is not responded to, a business runs the risk of losing significant revenue.

Bad reviews end up defining the perception of the business in question. Potential customers do not want to waste any time or money. Upon coming across a bad review, customers are not likely to patronize a business. The same is true in regards to bad public relations. If a business executive is caught up in a public controversy, a company could end up suffering financially.

The component consistent with the ruination of business’ good name is, ironically enough, search engine commentary. The irony here is search engines make it possible to capture the attention of scores of customers inexpensively. Once terrible commentary is indexed in the search engines, those same potential customers are horribly turn off.

The whirlwind of problems rushing from disastrous search engine results can seem unwavering. A brand could be ruined almost overnight. Competitors gain tremendous benefits from the online woes of a business. Even when the competitors do not offer anything special, they reap the rewards. Customers are seemingly forced to go with a competitor when another business has a dark cloud associated with its name.

Business owners who think they have a lot of time to address problems are greatly mistaken. The search engine results are sure to be updated fairly quickly. Correcting the problem should be done immediately to nullify or, at the very least, reduce the negative impact. Things are not going to change on their own. Something has to be done to fix the situation. This is where the Search Fixers prove to be valuable.

The Search Fixers is a group of professionals who specialize in enhancing search engine results. The Search Fixer promise expedient results. Through working with these professionals, business owners can set the online record straight. Working with the Search Fixer might be a smart, brand-preserving investment.

The search engines are the first place many people go when looking for a business to patronize. The search engine results have to be kept clean. Do not ignore anything negative in those results. If need be, get a professional on the job to fix things. Don’t lose customers who do not have to be lost.

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Rapid Growth For Status Labs

939 percent is the number. That is a major increase in anything, let alone the growth of a company. That is exactly how much Status Labs has grown in the last three years. Those numbers include clients and revenue. The company credits its growth to the growth of the industry and the demand for quality service. The company also gives credit to it’s innovative and dynamic digital strategies, it’s team of digital natives, and their focus on client acquisitions and retention. News On 6 reports that the company has grown over 39 percent since 2014. Status Labs President Darius Fisher say’s “we have assembled an incredibly talented team and Status Labs’ continued growth and success would not be possible without their passion and dedication”. In 2015, the company has signed over 160 new clients covering all of their services. The online pr firm specializes in keeping it’s clients reputation clear online. Darius Fisher says ” Status Labs is unique in that we can solve any digital communications problem brought forth to us.” To meet the rapid growth of it’s online reputation management company, they continue to hire 12 percent more employees this year specifically in their Austin and New York offices.
Status Labs in an online reputation management firm. The purpose of the company is to keep you or your company’s name clean when someone searches you on google. This is very important because most customers like to research before they buy and most of the time they search just to get the address of your business. You do not want something negative that a critic typed about you to be the first thing shown.
Status Labs serves clients in over 35 countries. The represent Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. The provide services such as search engine optimization, google search and suggested and related search management, permanent link removal, google image curation, site audit, public relations and many more. They provide everything you need to keep your company safe from negative reviews and comments. Follow Status Labs on Twitter to keep up with news and events.