Beneful Dry Dog Food Formulas Will Now Include Real Meat

A healthy eating trend has gripped the country, and more people are sitting down to eat meals made with nutritious foods and wholesome ingredients. Humans, however, are not the only ones benefiting from this shift toward natural, quality ingredients. Pet food companies, such as Nestle PurinaStore PetCare, are reformulating their dry dog food products in response to consumer demand for safe, healthy and balanced dog food.

One of Purina’s most popular brands, Beneful, has been criticized by a facebook group of pet owners as being unsafe because of certain ingredients and additives found in the dog food. Critics point out that the company’s use of propylene glycol and colorful dyes are potentially harmful and unnecessary. Propylene glycol, an additive that is approved by the FDA, is used to make the dog food chewy, while colorful dyes are used to make the food more visually appealing to the dog’s owners, who are the ones buying the food.

Outrage over the potentially harmful ingredients found in the food led to a class action lawsuit filed against the company in 2015. The case is currently pending, and Purina has no intention of settling. “We believe the lawsuit is baseless, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves and our brand,” Purina said in a statement.

In order to improve their products, Purina has developed a new formula for the Beneful brand dog foods. Seven of the brand’s eight formulas will include real meat as the first ingredient, with the final formula, Originals with Real Salmon, following suit in 2017. The new formulas will no longer include propylene glycol as an additive, and added sugar has also been removed from the list of ingredients. The dog food will continue to have colorful dyes but the quantity has been reduced.

Quantities on the guaranteed analysis label remain similar to the previous formula, with crude protein percentages at about 23-28% and crude fat percentages increasing by 1-2%. The new formulas received high marks in a taste test conducted with volunteer families and their dogs.

Carlotta Copper has more information about how the Beneful formulas are being improved in her Huffington Post article, found here. Follow Beneful:

Big Dog Food Companies Are Improving Quality

Dog food isn’t the slop that it once was, and it actually can be quite nutritious for pets. People all over the country are mindful of what their pet’s diet is. This has forced companies in the pet food industry to pay very careful attention to the contents of pet food. Even massive pet food companies, such as Nestle Purina and Colgate Palmolive, are now carefully monitoring what is in their products. Nestle Purina actually makes one of the best popular dog foods on the market. Beneful is made to be extremely healthy and appealing to dogs. It also is sold in a lot of different stores throughout the country.

You can get different types of Beneful. There is Beneful that is produced in wet food form. This is the preferred type of Beneful for some dogs. There is also Beneful that is available in dry form. This dog food comes in large bags. You can also get Beneful dog treats. These treats taste great for dogs, and they make excellent rewards for good behavior. In addition, they also have the natural ingredients and good nutrition of all Beneful products.

There are different types of Beneful to pick from based on your dog’s age. If your dog is in his or her puppy days, there is a special Beneful for that age range. This food has the right blend of nutrients for your dog’s development. In his or her grown years, you can switch to Beneful adult. Finally, there’s also a brand of Beneful that’s meant for senior dogs.

In addition, there are a number of different flavor selections. Dogs all have their own unique tastes. You can get Beneful that is made in different natural flavors. These include things like chicken, fish, beef, egg, grains, and vegetables. Foods by Beneful on Amazon tend to have a mixture of different flavors within them.