Andrea McWilliams: A Political Mold Breaker

If anyone were to bring up the term “lobbyist” you would probably form some pretty strong negative connotations in your head. In fact, there are several lobbyists currently on capitol hill that lack morals and direction when it comes to choosing clients that do good for the community. Luckily, Texas has a powerful lobbyist at their disposal that is not only interested in serving clients that do good, but is also very involved in her community. This lobbyist is named Andrea Williams.

Andrea Williams co-founded McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants with her husband, Dean. McWilliams works for her clients to get them the legislation that they need to succeed as a business, as well as providing them with some political and business consulting to get them on the right track. She and her husband only take on the most reputable companies, and they even represent community interest organizations, such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Kill Cancer. Texas Monthly has named her in their POWER profiles, and the Austin Business Journal highlighted her political history in their Profiles in Power column. She has even been recognized by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce as a distinguished woman in her field.

Not only is Andrea McWilliams a successful political figure, but she is also an asset to her community. She has been named a “style setter” by Austin Fashion Week for her work with non-profits, and she has won several awards from the Girl Scouts of America and the Austin American-Statesman. She is also on several non-profit organization boards that help the community and also help to preserve the culture and architecture of Austin, including Preservation Austin, Ballet Austin, and the Pease park Conservancy.

McWilliams has won many victories for her clients and community, and she is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. She definitely breaks the mold when it comes to immoral lobbyists.