Dr. Jennifer Walden Clears the Air Surrounding the Myths about Vaginal Rejuvanation.

With the focus of self-improvement being a top priority in a lot of people’s lives these days, many are seeking plastic surgery as an option to feel better about themselves. From tummy tucks to facelifts, the plastic surgery industry is becoming more and more popular. One particular type of plastic surgery that is becoming hugely popular is vaginal rejuvenation. While there have been many concerns about this particular procedure, Dr. Jennifer Walden has made an effort to ease the curiosity for those who are thinking about self-improvement in this area.

One of the main concerns that Dr. Walden wants to correct are the myths surrounding why some women want to have vaginal rejuvenation. Some of the false information she has heard is that women are doing it because their significant other doesn’t like the appearance of their vagina, women are vain about its appearance, and that it is mostly done for their men because women aren’t concerned either way. Dr. Walden has done her best to show that each of these myths are not true by providing information about each of the concerns. After close observation of the facts, the truth is that women are just as concerned about this body part as men. Women also expressed that the procedure offers more comfort after hair removal. And lastly, it’s just a standard issue of self-improvement for some women just like any other body part.

While being known as one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States, Dr. Walden has made it her purpose to inspire other women. She feels that it’s important for young girls to see a successful woman surgeon and she hopes that it will encourage them to join the medical community in the future. One of Dr. Walden’s best attributes is how she maintains a sense of balance in her profession while also striving to help people in any way she can. Although she is in total control of her career, she considers herself to be warm, friendly, and always willing to help someone who is in need.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Award Winning Plastic Surgeon, Author, and Sought After Spokesperson

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas. After graduating high school she attended the University of Texas at Austin and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Dr. Walden also graduated with Honors. She continued at the University of Texas at Austin Medical Branch and graduated there with Highest Honors and with her Medical Doctorate. A couple more highlights from Dr. Walden’s college days; graduating as the Salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical Branch and getting elected president of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Saying that Dr. Walden had an impressive collegiate career might just be considered the understatement of the decade. Consider; however, no matter how impressive her collegiate career, she was just getting started.
As she began her work as a bona fide doctor, she had the opportunity to work with, and learn from two facelift pioneers, Drs. Tom Baker and James Stuzin. When her residency ended Dr. Walden moved to New York to accept a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. This fellowship was highly prized by those interested in aesthetic surgery because it put the incoming doctor in a position to rub elbows and exchange ideas with aesthetic plastic surgeons who many consider the best in the world. The knowledge and skills Dr.Walden gained during her time in Manhattan elevated her to the same level as her mentors. She became one of the best in the world.
When her fellowship ran its course, the good doctor remained in New York for almost a decade working, once again, with someone considered one of the best in the field. In fact, Dr. Ashton was not only considered one of the best plastic surgery technicians, but also one of the most respected teachers in the world. After almost a decade in New York Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to return home to Texas so her children could be close to family. Since returning to her home state, Dr. Walden has focused her attention on women’s health issues as they relate to self-empowerment and autonomy in decision-making, all facets of plastic surgery, and breast health.