FreedomPop Primes for Launch in UK

FreedomPop has been making waves in the telecommunication world for the better part of the last five years. Mostly, FreedomPop has gained notoriety for their progressive new phone plan which involves giving away basic services completely free with no strings attached. CEO Stephen Stokols has helped spearhead the continued evolution of the company and now his work is paying off as FreedomPop is ready for its global expansion. FreedomPop is currently launching their 4G service in the UK as the first part of their big international expansion plan, as reported by The Telegraph.

Getting started with FreedomPop.
FreedomPop, as we said above, is a completely free service that puts phones in the hands of people who want and need them. Users get a basic plan that includes 200 minutes of talk, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data all completely free. The only expense incurred for users is the initial set up free. After that moment everything else is free unless the user decides to upgrade their plan, add on tertiary services, or if they go over their allotted usage rates. This freemium phone plan is directly competitive with the most basic plans that are available in the UK.

For the past six months or so there have been rumors abound that FreedomPop on digitaltrends was in advanced talks for a M&A deal with an unnamed, giant competitor. FreedomPop rose to notoriety in the exact climate that would have made it extremely beneficial to sell. According to CEO Stokols there was a ‘very competitive offer’ on the table in the amount near $450 million. Stokols decision to pass on the enormous sale amount is proof positive that they fully believe in their service and think that success will be far more beneficial in the future than merely cashing out at this point.

Back to the UK expansion, FreedomPop is continuing their history of being a third party conduit for data. FreedomPop buys out data wholesale and then vends it out to their users rather than erecting their own cell towers and such. Users are then afforded huge savings and they can save a ton more by completing third party surveys. CEO Stokols admits that at least 50% of their customers will likely never spend a dime on the program, but he believes that the other 50% will more than make up for the difference. FreedomPop was founded in 2011 by Stokols after having his funding proposal rejected by the BT Board in the UK.

Cell Phones Could Provide Early Warning System for Earthquakes

It seems that technology is finding ways to solve problems in new ways every day. Such is the case in a new study used to determine whether consumer grade GPS devices, like cell phones, could be used to coordinate an early warning system for earthquakes.

The premise is that GPS devices can be used to detect tremors by measuring the displacement of the ground below the device. Scientists have used highly sensitive GPS instruments to detect earthquakes before. A new study has been conducted to determine whether GPS devices found in cell phones would be sensitive enough to provide reliable information.

Researchers used a Nexus 5 in a simulated magnitude 9 earthquake for the initial testing. Surprisingly, the GPS device in the cell phone was able to detect earthquakes that rated 7 or higher. Accurate data could be compiled with just a few thousand cell phones running an app in a major city to help power an early alert system that could save lives.

Sam Tabar sees that a detection grid could be put together using more than just cell phones. Buildings, vehicles, routers and other devices could be used to harness the power of GPS as well. Scientists plan to conduct further testing in order to fine tune their crowd-sourced early detection network.