Chicago’s Rising Taxes Having An Effect On Businesses

With the recent passing of a law that now allows Chicago to reassess taxes on the properties in each of the districts, businesses are seeing the hardships that can come with rising taxes. While the law allows the taxes to either increase or decrease, the majority of the businesses in Chicago have seen an increase in taxes. These businesses, who were functioning normally and profiting, may now be struggling because of the higher taxes in their district. This is something that can be seen as somewhat detrimental for the areas of Chicago and can harm the business in each of these districts.

It is also something that is weighing on the minds of investors as they are concerned about the risks that they initially took. Majeed Ekbal, one of Chicago’s biggest grocery investors, is concerned that the grocery stores he has invested in will not be able to survive the tax crunch that has been seen as a result of the law being passed. Ekbal’s website shows that he is an investor who previously knew how to properly assess the events that could happen if he were to invest in a property. This all has been changed with the spike in taxes in the areas where he has grocery stores.

North Township 013 is one of the areas that has seen an immense increase in taxes. The area, which is filled with new and progressive businesses like delivery grocery chains, has seen taxes rise by 48 percent in the past year. The taxes are expected to rise even further, which can be highly detrimental to the businesses in the area. The area, along with the businesses that are a part of it, may not be able to survive the next extremely high tax increase like the one that was seen in the last year.

Majeed Ekbal has been investing in many grocery opportunities and chooses to take on ideas that are progressive, like delivery services. He wants these small time businesses to succeed and helps them by investing his money into them. Tax increases could cause the risk of the investment to become not worth it.

Learn About Brazilian Law Before Visiting The Country

Before a person visits a different country, it is wise for them to take time to learn as much as they can before they go. If the country they visit speaks a language that is different from their own, they can take some language classes to help them learn the language. It would be good for them to a lease learn how to communicate basic things to individuals they meet while traveling. It would be a good idea for them to learn about local customs as well. This way, they will not offend anyone. And. of course, they want to take time to learn about local laws. When a person travels outside of their home country, they should be aware of the fact that some laws that exist in other places do not exist in their own country. Even if a person unknowingly commits a crime, they will still be held responsible for it.

If a person is going to travel to Brazil, it would be a good idea for them to learn some Portuguese, learn about local customs, and learn about Brazilian law. There are language courses online that can help a person to learn some basic Portuguese. There are a variety of books and online articles that can help people learn about local customs. Learning about unique laws in Brazil is a wise idea. For example, it is important for a person to know that gambling is prohibited in the country. Since the government is not able to monitor winnings that are earned in such games, they have completely prohibited gambling. The only exception to this rule is online gambling.

When a person is in Brazil and they find themselves in the middle of some kind of legal situation, they should get in touch with a Brazilian lawyer who can help them. Fortunately, there are many well-qualified lawyers who work in this country. One such lawyer is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is one of the most prominent leaders and strategists working in Brazilian legal practice today.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is well known around the country because he has defended many public personalities and big companies. He has even represented political figures and Brazilian corporations. He has pioneered adopting a variety of legal mechanisms that have become commonly used in Brazilian law. When an individual finds themselves in a legal situation while outside their home country, they need to take time to find a lawyer who is qualified to help them.

Why Is Your Reputation So Important Online?

When you have a business and you want to continuously see success, you need to be aware of the fact that what people say about your business directly affects how people see your brand. Most people will say that your reputation on the web doesn’t make a difference, but I will tell you differently. Your web presence, current reviews, and your overall reputation online plays a huge role with how people view your brand as a whole.

Why Is Your Reputation So Important Online?

It’s important for one reason: customers. If people want to become your next set of customers but you have bad press, a controversy is happening, or you just continue to receive bad reviews, people will not want to do business with you or buy anything you sell. There are some businesses who know the power of the web, and so they are very proactive with their online reputation. In other words, they work with reputation management companies like Status Labs to stay on top of their game, they work towards keeping a clear online web presence, and they watch over review sites to make sure nobody is saying things about them that they should ignore. It’s so easy to miss what people are saying if you aren’t constantly looking for them on the web.

Who is Status Labs?

As I just mentioned, Status Labs is the company to work with. Any company that has been struggling recently with a controversy or horrible reviews online can work with this online company to get the help that they need to repair their reputation. Online reputation management is basically what they offer, and they have different packages and programs in place that are meant to allow for you to have your brand watched over. Their team is exceptional at marketing and protecting a brand. It’s safe to say that your business can grow rapidly if you are careful with your choices. Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs, and he is definitely a professional marketer worth hiring to repair your reputation.

Darius Fisher is known for improving any person or business’s brand name on the web. His knowledge on search results and improving one’s brand name with digital marketing has enabled him to receive countless great reviews and awards for his work. Fisher knows all about marketing and achieving success through the power of the digital world.

North Korean Defector, Yeonmi Park Dedicates Life to Fighting for Human Rights

Yeonmi Park is a North Korea defector, who has become a world renowned human rights activist and global speaker. At just 21-years old, she has spoken at numerous events around the world, including her now famous speech at the One Young World Summit in 2014. Her powerful testimony and harrowing story are shedding light on what life is really like in North Korea.

Park grew up in a family of privilege in the otherwise very repressive country of North Korea. Her father worked for the government and her mother was a nurse for the country’s military. However, after the economic collapse in the 1990s, Park’s family started having financial problems, as did many families in the country.

Looking for other means of income, Park’s father began to smuggle metal to China. Her father was later arrested and sent to a prison camp. This made conditions even more dire for Park, her mother, and her older sister, Eunmi. Park’s mother made the difficult decision to defect from North Korea into China. However, her sister fled before her mother was able to get things in order for their escape.

In 2007, Park, at just 13-years old, and her mother successfully crossed over the Chinese border. Both she and her mother were sold into human trafficking. Park retells the story of listening to the men negotiate how much they would pay for her. Her father would later join them, but he died of colon cancer while they were still in China.

After her father’s death, her mother realized it was time to leave China. With the help of Christian missionaries, Park and her mother were able to reach South Korean safely, by going through Mongolia. They would also be later reunited with Park’s older sister Eunmi.

Park of now dedicates her life to helping fight oppression. Her hope is that by sharing her story, others will realize just how dire conditions are for the people living in North Korea. She speaks of horrible conditions she and her family had to live under in North Korea, such as the executions she was forced to witness and the need to eat insects and grass in order to survive.

Millions of people from around the world have heard Park’s story. Her speech at the One Young World Summit gave her global recognition. She has since spoken at numerous events, including TEDx and Oslo Freedom. She has also written stories for well-known publications, such as The Washington Post and has recently released her first book, entitled, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

Park refers to North Korea as the “darkest place in the world,” and she hopes to help other understand the plight of her people. She is a volunteer for the Freedom Factory Corporation and an active member of LINK (Liberty in North Korea), which is an organization that helps refugees that are hiding in China.

Florida Man Steals Over $2 Million Dollars in LEGO Toys

A Florida man has been making a huge amount of money selling LEGO play sets, a career that would make any successful business person envious. The problem for Ignatius M. Pollara, he has been stealing the games from around the country and selling them for 100% profit. Ignatius stole $2 million in LEGO toys from all 50 states in a very elaborate scheme, netting him enough to live a very lavish lifestyle.

But like all dumb criminals, they never know when enough is enough, and simply continue to go to the well too many times. While 2012 was his best year ever, authorities were already aware of his theft and had begun to watch his actions more closely in the coming years. Dr Jennifer Walden has learned that he would steal the LEGO merchandise, then sell the items in his very successful online storefront. All his items were brand new in mint condition, and he was able to fill orders if customers had specific demands.

If a customer was in need of a certain quantity, Ignatius would simply locate the store that sold the merchandise and take a business trip there. He would rent a hotel nearby the mall or shopping center, then make several trips to steal his LEGO products until he was ready to make the trip back home and sell them online. The problem however, the police were monitoring his trips and had surveillance on him leaving the hotel, entering the stores, and stealing the merchandise.