Finally, The Warm Fuzzy Side Of The NSA

The National Security Agency has been in nothing but the news for at least five years now, as the tin-foil hat crowd continues to preach their gospel of paranoid-conspiracies about how the NSA is spying on every thought in their head – as these same ranters Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram their breakfast. But now the NSA gets a positive story for a change: Buzzfeed reports on Christmas parties, members who were clowns, and charity toy drives, all at the NSA. Yes, the most demonized organization in history – and the employees are human after all!

At its roots, the NSA is for geeks. Not just “geek” as in “Star Wars fan,” but the classic meaning of geek, as in a bookworm, a nerd, somebody with high intelligence who enjoys a good mental challenge. Try your hand at cryptography, and you will find that no other field of study prepares you for it; you’ll have to learn a new language, as these experts bat around shorthand for describing problems as solvable, unsolvable, or unknown.

Which is a far more plausible theory than having the NSA be this ancient Illuminati conspiracy bent on cartoonishly evil world domination. Incompetence will do ten times the harm of evil eventually.